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  • 00:00: Hello everybody subscribers and viewers colleagues channel olkov and I today interesting He shared the recipe and other solar Spain Meet culinary advocate Dmitry fresco Hello come dimonn that hi there have you the end of the busy visible We have long been seen spring
  • 00:30: in all fields and you have already opened the first season of some He revealed the truth wetsuits I actually cook I start today this pickle handsome carp hot smoked but what are you going cuckoo and I today cook lime Loki Only fuckers is not something that you are now thinking vote in Finnish Well let's get I went to start divide the map into two half and a cleaner it under the internal both I cleared
  • 01:16: I poured this half scales did not take off begin to stick salt salt does not regret that was needed largest as seen in Karpovitch Shedrov salted top Carp I put the yoke bricks as in the package polyethylene and
  • 01:46: I leave for 3 days the refrigerator lower shelf or a cellar It has been exactly three days salting as seen salt separates excess moisture from the carp it all Cycle further we remove using too much shit knife and well we wash the fish the water I merge
  • 02:18: and fill in the new fish fresh water fish salted evenly three days and I will be, and steeping exactly 3 hours will I change water once or twice carp are not soaked Now it there until morning we grasshoppers a little dry and Podgorica carp per night per night because in the morning we grasshoppers fry dried for about structure that is necessary just for smoking
  • 02:48: What happens as a a beer that both dmr there you success smokehouse cook smoking and you than I am doing and I already baked salmon Now the sauce go do car oil lamp 40 minutes
  • 03:23: oak chips I think it's time to look what's happened open handsome a sight for sore eyes good smoked smell any dial patience and endurance Let the fish cool down before evening when it cold and tasty then tasting with beer Yes bob then I like the menu
  • 03:57: I ended you like I had salmon case caked there you are he Call the piece on skype
  • 04:27: and I'll answer in carp I turned out fine frame even through monitor feel thank you for company until patience is not infinitely so I will taste as the story more half our crusts he cool and tasting I had a beer that I did not time it wheat no longer
  • 04:57: Narmatov excerpt More here months beer the way it was done on the special yeast prepared to go complete and already some were fashionable that time but it was not very much and a harmonized now the pope is not visible that will remove all normally the smell of carp simply just so simply gorgeous
  • 05:27: thickness as if you You know the sea I hit the fish market it too little I tried by the way, and as well, there is a chicken such an interesting meat see what you need and would not say that he it is hot get smoked this mean average Guyana smoked well over
  • 06:06: delicious food that is without any spices just salting It turned chic but a little thing although too salty other side to agony but I think little has oversalting because because needed more withstand water or but to better manage it is not so important it was under his
  • 06:37: this is not something that is not He completed the turn of anger he I had you You know more creatures attacked and here it is smoked I think if given after salting checked two days then it prokoptit and another day to burn through get real so you know Galina Galina smoked good fish just opened so that this method is not good I would have liked, and so
  • 07:09: It will continue or put a very tasty become another a moment about smoked glance Here's how else who a delicious but well handsome he kopilsya Now it was on top of it there is no most of these black cathine that usually at
  • 07:39: hot smoked why because salt stretched and Vlad as he walked and did not really have anything achieve a teamwork legs and he just turned adorable about Beer will be to go on favor of it right with great carbon dioxide began water on it do conclusion that it is necessary longer hold on to the organization just something fish dear friends
  • 08:14: subscribe to Dmitry channel frescos my friend Spain is very it is interesting beautiful recipes picture and in general it a symbol of the kind of guy Thank you for attention Huskies put all till