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Barboskina - 1 Series. The bee (animated film) - YouTube........ 15 series  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Bee Wow ... What ss-striped fly! I will train. Come, come, come ...
  • 00:34: gen ... and that consumption of striped flies? Because you still unfinished picture of the world, I think, What do you think insects, which sits on the bank ... You just flowers! Bee whole face! Uh-uh! This is not the food, but the most important experiment of greening the desert. There infusorian Bee-and on foot!
  • 01:06: Well, the patient. Ready to run? Sister Rose! What a strange smell in the hospital ?! This - my new perfume "smell the roses". He told me so. My friend! My bee did not fly with you? A-ah !!! Oh, oh, oh! Roza! They pomogayesh 'I dressirovat' pchela! Rose! Will you help me train a bee!
  • 01:36: Kidding ?! He wants me to bite !!! It seems that she, like your perfume, hehe. Kick it to anyone! And I can not get out. Bee! On foot! Here is a coward! Ha, bees fear. Hey, what are you doing? Let me be! Getting out of you! It attracts bees bright clothes ... Fu, a bee! Ugh! Correct us insects dad does not start. And I like that ... and I would be allowed.
  • 02:06: How bothers me! Hmm, sweet ... Anyway, bees have a sweet tooth. Easy! Now that I get a bee fly swatter! My friend, no! It's you! Here! Come on, stop! Take it! He! My friend, do not be alarmed! It's you! He! Oh, here it haha! Gotcha! Good. You got me! He! Gain! Amb! It's you!
  • 02:39: Shoo! Yeah, I'm scared! Now you have more. No Please. You're scaring her. Yeah, I catch it! She is mine !!! There is a limit! Now I get it! Well, I get it! Here is! Opa! Guy on the phone. Rose! The boy is calling!
  • 03:13: Oh! It can not come, because he was sitting on the toilet Kid !!! Ale-ale! I've never been so disgraced ... So. Where nasty bee! Catch! Take it! It is here! She is mine! Stop! You'll scare my bee everything at the fair! Hold it! Now me! Bee, me! On foot!
  • 04:00: By the way, Mom and Dad come soon. Who will clean it all? I have to complete the operation .. And I - clean himself. And I fully things, hehe. I think it will be better in the wild. Living with Barboskinymi - need special training!