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  • 00:00: hi listening background
  • 00:56: simply can not move I did not like it appeared that look carefully at I think they look like you and your relatives here it's just a notice Pyrenees when we are by calling and say to us
  • 01:26: brought gifts that our bones are not flew without gifts It can not be all residents poured meet alien boy I left my mother with a child all welcome all rejoice seen faithful must be reported came to us but where are the aliens also pick up the phone
  • 01:56: we do now phone later a ball and roll down a little bit so that presses table but on this together finger presses here we will be so take a new disc white clay We roll down the ball less easy fingers look here So splyashem it into a pancake and now here Now take two
  • 02:30: pink ball has it will be pockets where we put tube top and underwear divorcee sky another small cake and here small flagellum and a limit here on the disk doing so, see one two three four five six seven
  • 03:00: eight nine zero but left to attach our unit pipe and course We conducted a tube We make of this here small is not fat sausages on the edges of two small ball here and here it is these balls the place where they say
  • 03:31: Microphone place from listening and here and here, too, poke dots only a little and bend and we place on arm twist and tel you left to do it wire is phone pink wire will be hell make thin thin
  • 04:02: flagellum is his Twist-like They believe in the phone We cling to the tube to his unit Now put telephone to place eg wood and the boy ran call on the phone we arrived but where are the aliens we take the gifts and we You need to call sent us gifts soon arrives jet aircraft with
  • 04:33: gifts for aliens, I see it and the aircraft will be Sure to make one at the end of the sausage make little thinner than the other, this prominent force turned to the floor Horn of the polish is not for someone Currency studied simply cut off with a knife cut knife such as double wing right here at Your do not need round out the songs bed well, of course
  • 05:05: laid out side the edges I align your fingers Watch this is cut half we I got two wings These two wings can stick here and so the aircraft to glue fry better and this is how Here on the edges of their might bit with two sides stick pencil that area
  • 05:35: Slip and get even do any of Crimea one circle did not drink here the other is a very same up here two small red circles only in front of it's tail
  • 06:05: airplane ball again Again cake again half the channel exchanged fucking one mate Propeller we timer did the first furniture take one ball and drank it on nose roll out sausage and make
  • 06:35: a little thinner on Communication on the sides flattened her fingers and Now run rotate just like that Nalepa's all top of another small balls traitor pencil to all it held steady cabin for a driver simply presses
  • 07:05: finger is now Kabil you need to put a pilot using a head Driver cab Pavlik his helm delicious small ball we do Of course part of the highway we will do out two matches clothed made well
  • 07:36: begin besiege not new Please do not match forget to leave one to free us It could be stick the wand and each plane a stand We are waiting for you as the wheel Disha no cake and it is possible to love them residues
  • 08:08: Now He shot down a plane phoned and flew a beautiful white plane and he red propeller there sits a pilot
  • 08:40: serious with Here he is serious I brought a whole bunch very beautiful and delicious and the board enough for everyone rowing them even dice since such a cube his first wrap one side on the other hand
  • 09:19: top and will be tying up and bow at here gifts and unload aircraft but still present and Another all rejoice fun run together
  • 09:49: All U-2 gifts and mother came and a boy and a dog ran and gifts very much sweet and so they won how many and what kind of beautiful and then we all flights aliens August He appointed a pan build rocket is such a bottom, we its exactly cut off the knife and you are now
  • 10:19: let's do boys stabilization Whether it is allowed to go where you want and pawns loss We make them align not too thick and cut in half but need only three half 4 we obtained sheet do want download one side of the flowers
  • 10:49: is on the parent and stabilizers look between them away all the same ball cake in here next ball grandfather only smaller drunk above this godika but this turned
  • 11:20: rocket a little lower circle doing here rivets like a rocket ready take off and we all
  • 11:52: We fly together in guests with soul new glove play and such tubes which are located in formation at all missiles she is ready to take off and you also take plasticine and make many many beautiful gifts and can be of someone ever fall Now as we all now ship gifts right on missiles and
  • 12:22: guests lags they left and we
  • 12:56: We stayed here and at home and we can here build a strong country yet if we do not have we can do pirate island Christmas with we can make African savannah certainly invent single network you want and goodbye and Now you can dazzle all that you may want I can sculpt dazzle your brother sister
  • 13:26: mom-dad even grandmother I liquid you can sculpt what you want s the globe's You can even dazzle my planet of a la la Let's deal with the case and I will go to his wife I do something sweater and newcomer late about