Larisa Buyanova

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Pattern Openwork paths spokes - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: will knit pattern which is called openwork track knitting repeated 4 loops and 4 a number the sample is typed 10 loops that of 2 redo repeat We begin to knit with at the first row of 1 loop pattern shooting Wrong loops 2
  • 00:31: together with the face tilted to the right reshoot loop In the way that then turned after provyazyvaniya slope right and provyazyvaem along the front sc Wrong Yes, there lesson ends Wrong then 2 loops along the front
  • 01:00: with right slope perenadevaem provyazyva and sc Wrong bead Wrong side knit like watching loop bead front nakida provyazyvaem
  • 01:30: seamy Another Wrong front on look front 2 purl key in a flange viewer racing Wrong
  • 02:00: , Loops along the front with a slope to the left loop not perenadevaem tied directly together wrong and on repeat Wrong nakida 2 loops along the front on the floor during Wrong bead Wrong side Wrong end
  • 02:31: sc provyazyvaem a back face so that the front 2 purl facial sunlight all this drawing near We're running it Get even consider how It looks great sample