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  • 00:00: all regards and today's video I You want to separate as I show I pull any baking with my multivarka for that we need gloves
  • 00:30: and not to take our multivarku because it a little hot so do we need spoon is such not it is always possible use but also and most importantly to us need to basket steamer she enters supplied by Multivarki Well let's get the first thing I'm doing this
  • 01:00: I walk around the edges for In order to ensure is that my girl not adhere to multivarka Now I am taking hole gloves steamer basket here put upside down
  • 01:31: and turn you pack He takes off his gloves taking just such a plate overturn and plunged again overturn our pie that's how I I pull out my
  • 02:02: his daddy multivarka if that's all you Still have questions kidnapped necessarily I answer thanks to all per-view bye bye until we meet again