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The terry flower connected by a hook "Хризантема" (Crocheted flower terry "Chrysanthemum")  See details »

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  • 00:00: terry flower chrysanthemum decorate hats handbags other things join us We are together licking terry flower I I will knit yarn Pehorka successful one hundred percent cotton hook me two and a I'm half Knit 2 strands do loop and type
  • 00:34: first series 54 Air loop 1 2 3 4 5 On June 7, and so on hinges 54 gained 54 loops Now we do knit lifting loop and in
  • 01:04: the second loop We begin to knit 18 columns without sc we will distribute we have 54 loops we knit first 15 18 columns without sc then 18 floor columns with sc and then 18 bars without sc 1 column without column 2 nakida
  • 01:35: 3 4 5 6 turns knit 18 columns without Now knit 18 sc
  • 02:06: bars with floor sc sc do introduce loop hook grab the thread and grab working thread and provyazyvaem just three loops Again in the second sc loop captured and just three loops knit do nakida seized 3
  • 02:38: loop knit polustolbiki with knit 18 sc polustolbikov etc. knit with 18 columns sc sc do the following loop we introduce the hook grab provyazyvaem loop with sc and then 2 loops back nakida
  • 03:08: looping thread Knit loop with sc and 2 loops knit the last 18 columns with sc we dovyazali second seen such a number of transition from a columns to low high columns
  • 03:38: further overturn knitting and now We will bind to each base loop 1 column with sc Overhead Loop 1 column with sc We do nakida column with sc Air
  • 04:08: Loop column court also column with sc again next sc loop knit column with sc Air loop in this same post with eyelet next sc column with sc air loop
  • 04:38: column with sc in the same loop, and so in every loop knit to the end of the series at the end of third row we It was such a Now Fusilli last row knit 1 lifting loop with
  • 05:09: one air loop and now the following loop knit column, without sc recruit loops 7 1 Air 2 3 4 5 6 7 the following loop
  • 05:41: provyazyvaem column 7 again, without sc stitches 2 3 4 5 July 6 the following loop provyazyvaem column 7 again, without sc stitches 2 3 4 5 July 6 next st
  • 06:11: knit a column without 7 air nakida loop 2 3 4 5 6 7 the following loop knit a column without nakida such as a mug we get now we need to aerial loops
  • 06:41: beginning of the series we gaining all stitches and As knitting need uniformly add one eyelet that is, here we sow knit little dial 8 loops then 9 May 10 and in general in After that there were 12 eyelets this to Flower was evenly he looked to be the same wrapped by
  • 07:11: lower ranks we the second row of cut were first pain lower number of food is without bars and terminated nakida we columns Snite Well, that is up to high so wrap we will be low ranks highest ranks we will have at the bottom and But for this they need all the more greater air here loops acme little woman
  • 07:41: should be more That's what that is, uniformly in one petelechke will add up to 12 loops at the end of we were binding on finished knitting our terry flower chrysanthemum ki such at the top of our we have turned through air Now Collar
  • 08:12: start it We need to put needle I too deal Now thread a needle our region where we knit bars without sc in the second row begins to take shape round as laid
  • 08:47: rovnenko Out of the corner just look to she rovnenko It fits anything
  • 09:17: It did not prevent not looked out to he is rovnenky It was Here now we needle and with this one hand I do not have to that we ended Knitting I do not cut He left long the yarn end
  • 09:47: so now we're here now we need to and through and sew to capture all layer quietly slowly sewn on
  • 10:18: circle to our the flower is not broke all
  • 11:39: I ask you can now decorate Our knitted product looks sumptuously chrysanthemums in a very I hope to have beautiful you got it smooth loops you all the best