The most magnificent fritters! Very simple recipe without eggs and yeast  See details »

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  • 00:00: Welcome at the box office jelly fox I cook today very delicious pancakes and very easy for its preparation traditional without eggs and better without anything too much as always after we need a bowl in yogurt low in my 450 milliliters is than a standard pack less fat yogurt is better get my taste the pancakes you already see for yourself I have one percent have more fat
  • 00:30: I have sifted flour, and weighed 400 gram here we see the course maybe less will make a little can More on in yogurt we add a spoon Sugar is in my I love the taste spoon when a little sugar When Volodya taste so well, almost like these buns When they are almost bread if you love the most add sugar and
  • 01:01: without gender issues teaspoon salt on flour send tablespoon spoonful of soda without slides we did and plus Coy we need to know exactly how then to 100 measure lemon acid and triturated
  • 01:30: lumps that soda is not came across lumps but very tasteless exactly twice less lemon acid if I It was the baking soda citric acid I like that as and when is too much citric acid will sour if is too much
  • 02:00: soda sense citric acid will be of little to neutralize all of our soda will be felt in the piece so you can change the number soda or citric acid but always the proportion was one to two soda twice than 2 on the acid stir the same stir sugar
  • 02:30: Place the flour I it just in case not all can be 50 grams I leave Still, I'll add them of 50 grams and 400 grams 450 grams of flour
  • 03:00: yogurt I have it too depends on the flour you the dough should look be thick so Now it interferes show and need long to get in the way we just mixed can be lumps there is little to no flour end that serves here so simply mixed the liquid there There was no here See the test is here it is with a spoon so barely drops him
  • 03:30: it is necessary to right finger help her to fell spoon that is not something that thick cream and but it is thicker certainly not as dumplings I cover it film I leave it alone for a
  • 04:01: half an hour can be two hours how many you It may be time engage in what you want but at this time only You do not need to keep on night is too long dough that's it grow and then but will start to fall two or three hours can be Well leave or half an hour if you hurry and so we dough a few It passed where grown it is a half hour at I now I spoon dial the dough does not
  • 04:31: disturbing not touch do not need anything to mix two the main rules dough must be thick enough and no need to interfere that's how it is and I type on a spoon and spread on pan that already warmed up with one tablespoon since oil pancakes we are children are often dense and not Feel free to help Me and fingers
  • 05:01: share them so to a little place between them they have floated We will grow as a little oil spread throughout pan do the smallest fire that only possible and cover they cover slowly roasted me they need to propeklis walked of Aram is very good that was not raw
  • 05:30: because they thick river is not all see see here These pancakes are fully propeklis here is no top very, very raw I turn the dough it is all roasted perhaps ten minutes long enough because on small fire if you do too a large fire that they strong and roasts below did not have time to full walk pair this little
  • 06:01: fire is very important and I'm still in the process of one just wiping with a cover condensate because Here water droplets if they are going to will pan person on will hiss I add a little Mass. now possible make a big fire just so they fry this hand quickly and remove from heat and so have
  • 06:30: I got 18 burly delicious a thick pancakes very large very delicious and very, very not fatty here this top crust it roasted in mid they are Here I am to you now show, see what here the big hole and they are such little grain here I always ate as a child Grandma's pancakes
  • 07:00: only that it does not offended because she placed eggs in the dough sour cream were very fat still on this butter oil somehow I fall in the middle in test and it was such a fatty impossible Now eat these pancakes I think the ideal because they are curvy and quite below not very easy and delicious so pleasant appetite and let them have you will always OK
  • 07:34: I have to dance then kinema through