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  • 00:00: Hello to you elena Balaban and again Today we will do the rose kanzashi that's how it It will look at us so much and here from such a small it means that we need to this roses for our for our roses
  • 00:30: we need to do yes we petals ribbon take 5 centimeters here this pink tone Satin Ribbon cut it so in the squares Immolation fray or NER lighter can be cut payalnichkom did not you need to burn and we do petals hence the first part we'll do the very rosettes and in the second we will do our part to you bezel with roses so We are doing our first
  • 01:02: part Kenobi petals we need petals of two kinds Now this is now the first appearance and this is now the second type of means so we do first show how the pen and we add the rain here and so then little corners with location Here's how you can be reined in tweezers he hand
  • 01:32: to whom it is more convenient than cut off here and so little like melted came So well, we it turns out that's a Now leaf So once again show
  • 02:02: how we do so we need make half such petals half wide petals to Our Rose looked more attractive and so were naturally cut off this way presses that they are well took Well
  • 02:36: so due to you are such a big threats need somewhere 30-35 lepestochek possible and certainly more than the I have for this here small We need somewhere to pieces 18 18 20 the metal making it the first type petals mda-2 and we to do here such a wide except as we shall We do add up here and a little bit like this
  • 03:08: Here the distance that's how it should be be latitudes presses and cut off a finger podplavlyaem and 2 and so on mean
  • 03:41: we need half narrow and such half like these here again we will show It does mean place fingers come with this side of the sawn-off Such are the petals
  • 04:30: and we continue to do more petals somewhere to look at the night such mazda 1456 8 are so narrow 9a here such here we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 So still
  • 05:02: somewhere that's looking more Here's the money We will finish petals our finishing touches so I But our petals again you repeat It means for this is now such a small rose so we need somewhere in the 1620's such Here petals 1620 to for big rose Petals of need
  • 05:33: somewhere in the 35-40's, he This was repeated one more time just in case, and so Now we start our assembly rose as a we will do it, I already warmed up here is our Glue gun Now we will collected through our adhesive pistol as we do we take our first lepestochek you something where it just so here I am twisted
  • 06:04: so here then we can do here Now straight here and so on my arm and properly so it twist like this
  • 06:34: here so we do Next Next take our so thin petals we did so here such here at Zina We do here such here a business smear back part of what glues and We attach like this here here
  • 07:06: from this side like this and well-presses so take further next smear Again glue around the perimeter and more attach following here and so So
  • 07:41: then take next thin lepestochek 5 back part promazyvayut OK strengthen pressed so identity next as charts tunics middle, should be such thin
  • 08:11: petals were quickly and so and then already we will have outer petals which were not so we continue to glue round and again one show and after that were the ones that do a lot not take time so here our lepestochek we
  • 08:48: remove this so here we have this already rosette species we still continue to glue further to just in a circle Glue
  • 09:19: glue pressing You see with an adhesive a gun is everything
  • 09:49: very fast and very simple and very nicely now already she is beautiful I have like so I hope to you too so that's way we
  • 10:26: we do add up our rose that's how it already it looks already very nice camera so do not give it but I live it is very beautiful So this tube
  • 11:13: we turned so this I rosettes I spent around 20 stuff to Tikhon if you do will be less so if less so if more here get this here can be more so that's what we roses today We have already received nice thank you to all for your attention if he I liked my video put huskies write your comments and of course
  • 11:44: subscribe to my channel because even A lot of everything It will be interesting already there will still be you and I I wait for your channel and I am waiting for you in the next video next video we will do to you from these beautiful roses obodochek to do Hair all over the well, Thank you for attention bye