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How to make cards with own hands from paper. A dress of origami - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: how to make greeting cards his hands from origami paper dress Hello my name Ivanova Galina Thank you for visiting in my workshop I hope it will be for you useful today I want you show how to make Nice dress origami paper without glue and scissors your hands so Dress can Be decorate any postcard invitations
  • 00:30: album and photo frames and so on to make the dress Origami is necessary to take square sheet paper is stacked colored square party in the interior of midpoints of the sides now we need to square divided into 6 equal slips thing is just to potion using nicknames each half into 3 equal parts I
  • 01:00: half turns somewhere around 10 centimeters means approximately three to go cm is 1 striped extreme stripes are bent on wrong side and h1 remainder of paper in half that's the way separated half squares found stripes is not
  • 01:30: left and continue actually the next part divided the square 6 identical strips and bend them like this way to the center turned out here such Now harvesting to open lower
  • 02:01: part of our Circuits for this focusing on here that the middle of a we have here from it like that and move the prozhimayu this item fold the top and bottom it turns out here such crease will be here I get a little crease also deal a second side
  • 02:34: from midway details prozhimayu fold and get this side too to the crease they went out symmetrical Now You need top bend striped Zagibaev area and here
  • 03:04: we get crossing it will be a benchmark It can be the same benchmark to do with followed by another sides dimness are bent striped focusing on these and not Now, these squares I flatten done because on the one hand and
  • 03:43: just flatten with the other hand overturn workpiece couples need to happen explain why I I will show you a look can be so it will be easier have stripes bend down and one Region begins
  • 04:13: seredinke begins bend These are, as it were so it turns out that's the same way
  • 04:44: flip over image and these little corners are we here there they also need can flatten make additional fold can thus so will be and easier this way Now flatten the
  • 05:16: corners you need to lay down our detail of where we here these folds get fit do a little fold above these folds Now bend the
  • 05:50: fold on the other side here we have middle, we did before and the contribution of a point each since overturned Today the frontier world
  • 06:22: LVL say already finally our the flesh here is a little bit time will be so for more complicated have a look and will repeat do further our Sochi and the best a dress of origami do not from the very because thick paper that perhaps some yes moments slozhnovato do so here disclose Area something like this and from this corner we have
  • 06:54: You see bends here here is a fold up that's the way get one hand made and just do with the second side you should try to hand out the same now from Now this corner which you get fit bend over here
  • 07:24: facedown and get off at the edge of not pay and this side of the body a couple of the other side and just such a roach leagues
  • 07:58: results happened Thank you for attention if you like My master class subscribe to new video to get them first