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  • 00:00: I welcome you to my subscribers and blog gentile I have prepared for you a master class how to make a small rosettes will last us 10 gram of beads greens and 10 gram of beads on floret wire must also be will pick up on I picked up the color silver wire
  • 00:31: 0 3 mm because What will i do White Flower for leaves and green the color you need Clippers silk thread also need to choose color beads which you do leaves if you have
  • 01:01: clearcoat too Moose can order to the end secure bit strings that they do not unwound in later the first thing I'll show you how do yourself a flower Flower consists of outer petals they need to make 4 and a little bit smaller in inner petals well, and the middle, middle, she woven sticks on
  • 01:31: apparent and so took wire beads wire 70 centimeters dial 3, first beads and go through two the other wire is parallel weaving another pass the wire two one and leave it all descend on
  • 02:02: seredinke that's happened and we have the bottom one bead on the second row from the We got my 2 should dial 4 beads also parallel we pass another wire well
  • 02:45: tightens We should do We do a number of the following 6 beads recruit 6 again pass parallel to the other wire after six to dial 8
  • 03:30: beads and so in each row added 2 beads yet it promises not 12 get one row so now after August 10
  • 04:10: 10 beads well tightens poseredinke laid after 10-12 recruit and after
  • 04:40: choose twelve 13 after you last ryadochek made of 13 beads you need to close this side with the wire type in wire is It goes from 9 to 12 beads to close
  • 05:13: side of the wire and walk through the very first bead new check and tighten all on the other hand need to but to do that is but also brothers skin same amount beads wire 2 the same pass through the first
  • 05:44: bead parallel here and it will be inner petal roses internal lepestochek ready thereafter twist bit shelf small lepestochek with you we have made 2 need to do
  • 06:17: a little more Basically, it is done exactly the same so I I will not show lagging the first three beads to you on the bottom one on the top 2 then is a number of 4 6 8 10 here December 13 is large leaves petals are December 14 and 15 after you weave
  • 06:49: more precisely elevator also enter here beads of 1 go left to us to make the middle of a flower we do here such rods 1 procrastination is considered slice the wire 70 centimeters type in wire 14 beads 11 beads missing Three beads and
  • 07:21: We go through remaining eleven find top down these sticks do next to each good friend and to tighten on top of you were here these three beads So as of 1
  • 07:54: delays need make such 5 sticks it will be seredinka flower After you You do all all all the middle of a take and simply twist and join together wire and this is how Put together Well all seredinka we are now ready once you collect
  • 08:25: he flower pokamist without leaves in order to collect flower take the middle of a we just made silk thread and now with the show someone thread, I will join lepestochek for take petals thread
  • 08:55: hold finger and wind a little on the middle of a strings secured so now form take a little petal give it a mold that it was the floor bunting connect to middle, and primotat thread
  • 09:27: that he will not He shifted so way take following small lepestochek too little bend his next that's on top of this petals are putting thread secured and another small lepestochek 3 should have three small and 4
  • 10:00: more again little sanity and connect Now It remained the same a way to connect big 4 so place it so
  • 10:48: so he went under the one petal and other superimposed on top all ready to flower so next we but do sepals
  • 11:19: for the beginning not to. escaped it needs to be slightly secure tie and I do not do it so between the shelves this thread 1 and 2 scrolled 1 He pulled a roll united yet