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  • 00:00: hello today I want to show you how to tell It is linked here such a zavitochek such zavitochek bound of two labels woolen thread and around the piping is Cotton does so to begin taking woolen thread and recruit arbitrary amount of air loops it will curl length aerial loops
  • 00:31: recruit any number than longer will gain air chain than longer will curl the shorter will gain the air chain shorter the curl recruit air air chain loop Now let's
  • 01:08: a selected Air Force chain of loops, and so the second a number of us are in each loop provyazyvaem column without sc in each loop due to the fact that I will use two woolen thread thicker and cottonseed thinner he zavitochek Twist and will curls each
  • 01:41: loop provyazyvaem column, without sc until the end of the Rio each loop That's how it turns out even now turned in
  • 02:12: each petelechku provyazyvaem column not here to dovyazali the end of a number of columns without nakida turned Here is such a chain the last row is closed the thread can be cut Now Angela further and tails
  • 02:44: is now filled take a cotton thread of cotton thread We make the air loop and at first that's option like this Strapper rachim step we introduce loop And so on until the end of Strapper rachim
  • 03:14: This step has invested tail outward provyazyvaem each then there will be a loop Curl scored in each loop growling step is how bars without sc only in the opposite the opposite direction provyazyvaem until the end
  • 03:46: a number That's how he was deals and so look and so on until the end of the series provyazyvaem this curl Now we come to the end series rachim step wrapped and knit here and
  • 04:16: You can now thread tuck and trim because it is beautiful fill introduce the work of the hook We take out through it loop overturn work on the wrong side Makes 2 3 Air prune 5 wheelbarrow then tails
  • 04:46: tucked here Now this has turned zavitochek if its from little guy Ugur rovnenko peaks here a stock