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Spokes. Italian set of loops. Double hollow elastic band (Italian collection of loops.Double hollow rib)  See details »



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  • 00:07: Italian set loops you can type two ways here now he a he knit hollow gum classic by the first way of I'll show you it itself is hollow gum or double gum it use cap
  • 00:30: fit it I just Knit so high to fit all even number series that is there in Depending on the yarn if the thick yarn 2 otaq April 6 series It fits in the hollow gum Why or hollow double if and so overview look here You see it as an empty inside here it roll
  • 01:00: so she turns It applies even when knit cuffs panties and her need rezinochku to thread because it is empty and there is good gum includes time we get this method classically Italian kit we loops working thread put
  • 01:31: finger just as in conventional set take two spokes do first loop here so we start under the working thread and just overturn I turn so it turns out- Now Collar We start loop Here we gain twisted loop and us working thread so they
  • 02:01: Here we begin to gain that thread It lies below here it is we grab this thread and plants her opposite us the spoke formed Loop is now lower this is our thread on this side we are for
  • 02:30: It we start knitting needles of the opposite the thread turns loop now this we bobbin thread when you You start cutting you You see dismantled It is not so difficult as it seems capturing and the opposite Stick to the side fingers loops that they do not overturn
  • 03:00: and so on until the end of the series eyelets arranged in such a way that their already seen where the front where Wrong will
  • 03:32: You need to complete a number of seamy loop
  • 04:03: all finished this we scored a loop Italian set pull one needle and now begin provyazyvat Now we will Knit hollow elastic or double gum the first loop we remove an edge
  • 04:31: The following we go we face provyazyvaem it the front of the rear wall because so The following is a loop we purl throw loop and remove the wrong before working thread that's the way we they shoot. before the work is next we facial see how
  • 05:01: it is something we have knit hind wall Wrong shooting before working thread facial wrong remove the thread before job front seamy shoot
  • 05:33: Working thread to job front seamy shoot before working thread facial wrong remove the thread before the work front and bead provyazyvaem purl loop
  • 06:02: overturn knitting shooting first distal edge Next comes our Wrong loop, we remove it work thread before The following is a loop front if you note it we are we have to knit it for in the front wall
  • 06:32: the first row we knitted the rear and this row it is already in progress for to the front wall it does not twist us you need to knit for front stenochku here barks front Wrong remove the working thread before working face seamy shoot
  • 07:01: strand break before job front wrong rented front Wrong shoot front Wrong Removable front wrong and rented last bead Wrong
  • 07:31: third row the loop is removed from us and the lip fit comes first front of the front stenochki knit here more precisely We also wrong remove the working thread before working face seamy shoot before working thread
  • 08:01: facial purl Removable front seamy shoot facial wrong shooting last an edge we get Further, we were binding accurately
  • 08:32: also how much we rows as needed we were binding edge obtained a tied with that is, if classical method we gain it more a plump But if it turns out look This gum is not very stretched it stretched of course you need any
  • 09:00: elastic stretch but not so that there almost These stretches here it turns out here such rezinochka this we recruited classical method Now I will show the second method set Italian set 2 loop method Supplementary
  • 09:30: thread typed it the usual way as she has need more tabs such a caveat When you knit this gum desirable thinner spokes take What will you continue knit product accurately as usual the usual method we We recruit loop
  • 10:18: another nuance loops has twice be less than you let's say you need We need 20 loops It means it is necessary to gain
  • 10:30: 10 loops that is 2 times less than as scored just two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 loops Well, let it be 11, we etc. take the main yarn and it provyazyvaem
  • 11:02: will bead we have to knit need yes because another thread so now we are sc front we knit sc front sc sc front
  • 11:31: is yours sc sc front sc front face sc sc front sc front face sc an edge wrong pravezh
  • 12:05: on second row We first removed sc we are we provyazyvaem front loop all we nakida provyazyvayutsya facial Do not twist here as there is here so we knit front The following is
  • 12:30: seamy wrong rented before working thread Next knit sc remove the front sc before working thread facial wrong remove the thread before job front wrong rented before working thread
  • 13:04: sc test we facial loops
  • 13:34: an edge of the second series now we are elastic that is, a hollow gum I already showed how but now it knit yet we knit remove an edge because goes on we Wrong Wrong we shoot before working thread here we go The following facial facial and front wall provyazyvaem
  • 14:03: facial all continue in the same way all fit in the purl removed front knit We removed the wrong thread ahead before work Knit front of the upper wall just created It fits this gum which I have just that showed nothing does not change
  • 14:44: you need to knit more ryadochka two and then I I show you how to remove when we knit the right amount series that's it now auxiliary thread
  • 15:01: we it to dissolve the there can be cut so here neatly and dissolve, and the response
  • 15:34: our helper thread all the leaves So he all dissolved and It turned out at us here this edge exactly It is the same in principle,
  • 16:00: How to get there the only thing that she how to say more loose it was way more plump this but it is more revel this fact there it is already possible stretch so decide for yourself what method better you type
  • 16:32: I hope you all get exactly lamp telly all good