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  • 00:00: Hello this video I talk about 3d technology ie lamination how to use the ordinary plastic bottles can laminate any volume object in the case you just see example such lamination ie turned such decorative laminated jar where by laminating layer is autumn leaves for himself and opened two way as possible this do now I talk about both of
  • 00:30: them first method As an example I I make pencil holders with your logo channel first thing I I did unsealed the printer need me picture on top of the I placed the logo e-mail address channel youtube.com E directory a the bottom of the logo I placed on the address group vkontakte vk.com E directory so printed I needed image which I
  • 01:00: I want to place crop the fact I needed workpiece dimensions and help double-sided adhesive tape securing it banks surface it may not be necessarily double-sided tape in the the end of the strip can be simply connect glue or ordinary adhesive tape the main thing that the strip paper tightly adjoined banks surface then cut off plastic bottle its upper part and connect inner jar a strip of paper
  • 01:30: first feature the case is that here needed industrial dryer in the second case it is not I need I talk like do without it Then everything is simple a hairdryer and rotatory spiral motion up heat up plastic, which he tapers tightly adjacent to the bank
  • 02:00: As for the Hinata This is enough simple hair had 2 power mode I I work on the ground then more in the mode principle and should not be if left
  • 02:58: some places where plastic attracts unevenly that is left any bubbles they can atone reprocess these places hairdryer just can not be too stay long at one place otherwise you may damage plastic wrap then cut off bottles and remnants if cut off together plastic bears no tightly ie a result of rounding the bank in very foundation not ordinary plastic adjoins this place
  • 03:29: You can also hairdryer handle plastic tightly somknetsya around banks himself
  • 04:01: in the second example as the do without industrial dryer We do the same most preparatory work first bank with a strip of paper put trimmed plastic bottle in this case plastic surface a friend's Rib but it does not play a role and then she straighten as the need and 1 tie in bank top of the bottle I have used both they redhead
  • 04:31: eventually the choice has been slowly workpiece in pot boiling water We get the same most as a result of bottle heating narrows and now already see the border which narrowed bottle having been in boiling water Unfortunately pan It was not deep enough so I had
  • 05:01: filled the bottle to laminate its edges, and even remove protective cover that was is provided on that moisture does not leak inside but even case it went very successful the only thing it would be necessary to put glove because without it there was no a little hot so we came from the fact that the hair dryer and in the second case, we have no bottle must be cut in the place where she tight to bank because
  • 05:32: since we can not treat her butt if there remain slot and you exactly I cut the plastic used a piece masking tape although it is possible to glue as a piece of duct tape result, we turned enough original piggy bank You can also make in this way lamp placed a film and photo any favorite the image on the paper on it all if you interested in video leave your issues comments and Remember to put
  • 06:03: huskies and not Remember subscribe to channel to always be aware of the other useful information if in the comments will be a lot of questions such as I do in the body picnic what questions I enable him additional roller where all details describe share also referring to it videos with friends and you to some extent, so way take participate in the concern recycling plastic waste perhaps as a result of re plastics recycling the world will be a few cleaner until all