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Video subtitles:
  • 00:14: today our program we try something completely new will work with such material as a felt and help us in this designer Olga Olya Let us now than today we making of felt soft toy owl
  • 00:30: such materials will use us need felt blank pattern needles beads scissors thread ribbons lace for decoration and glue gun translating our templates on felt and cut out
  • 01:14: players are very firm easy to find Internet or think of themselves
  • 01:35: winding seams on the front part of the toy We sew all there the same applies to decor sew it You can also advance and how and why do
  • 02:01: I decided to do with felt before the new year, it was a year ago, I decided dress up the Christmas tree and toys that sold stores or organized because they are ordinary like I decided to make all something unusual found in toys Internet with the wind still decorated the Christmas tree all the guests like it at all revealed that it like not only I we others will lead to clean toys Olya and there is some
  • 02:30: I loved your work or toys Yes I love again New this theme is the deer and his name is Rudolf why actually have I was interested in I I do not know first found I did but the pattern It turned out so cute the deer here and then I learned that this deer is Rudolph and that is this tale New Year Christmas at Santa Claus he had 12 deer and One of them was this is the smallest any such funny he was
  • 03:00: big red nose but it was a favorite laziness Santa Claus as I have loved deer he also big red nose a sew back to front of the obmetochnym seam leaving a small segment to fill toy sintepon
  • 04:06: attach final shape our board fills it sintepuh or regular movie wool that is and
  • 04:39: sew sprig that the toy can be would hang dye 1 Now similar toys
  • 05:00: can be used for decoration Interior or or as a souvenir presents well, and we they will take a worthy place in the museum program a