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  • 00:04: Hello and kindness to complain of my kitchen tonight I will tell you about what foods have always in my hand a foot or my fridge Let's start with the fact that I was at breakfast and in the breakfast I have often in the United States I personally love most without him porridge and Kasyan com The fact that we buy cold 1 because June 5 is brewed as soon Even buckwheat cereal joy bitten
  • 00:30: inferior to the usual buckwheat for only 15 minutes, methane and, in general, in principle, I believe that this really so govorka invent people who say that I have no time cook porridge in the morning what really is takes five minutes, well, about as much as much of the boil a kettle and I I think that this is everyone can afford Koshelev jealous seeded sometimes I I buy milk but it is certainly not animals such as half a percentage point Irina Ilina it tomorrow I have not yet added
  • 01:01: but because instead I have fruit for example apples and they may be different different flavors that the quality will say different and it is also sometimes Poseidon and I I do not add fruit although I prefer to drink tea I do you a big fan of green tea so when there is opportunity to ask someone from the familiar charms package of green tea says Oleg course also taking advantage of her but in general I love in vain whose it in principle
  • 01:31: black is white but no mean confrontation with what the markup snow because the authorities do not want to buy 50 of the some sort of chocolates pechenyushkami and save on saturated flavor it starts to drink it e.g. one target and you do not even want so sweet 71,000 understand this often tuborg in the park buying traffic or with a low percentage of fat in him to the Caucasus that I add fruit and
  • 02:01: certainly not took a cup of green tea it really is a good second breakfast and most importantly delicious and healthy go to dinner today, I myself do not have to hit they need to be prepared and class with the cathedral flight and of course fresh vegetables concerning fresh however we have a little score Frozen changes freezer so I'll wait oily fish is a great source of not Dakar but only unsaturated fatty acids that we just needed or
  • 02:32: exactly the same and helps us weight loss I also buy the risk of not cleaned target Similar recipes and Baburova and of course I think we all know that this forest much more useful than said the second is completely cleared and indeed it is a great source of old carbs as I said which we definitely south because we train a lot and do take care of yourself of the figure on I did not drink tea dessert there caresses or CC
  • 03:01: even something like that if I really what it like it is It is likely to be fruit such as Kiev on a false respect me frozen chicken breast I prepare chose Calista School shall salt is all buy frozen ie such mixtures specifically I think It is in almost every hypermarket and I am preparing them for a couple of night I refuse carbohydrates because usually the first Train half of the day that is the evening brothers I such active again shaken all the energy from the
  • 03:30: them so I did not kill any that is all help since I usually 8:00 toxins respectively zhese after midnight I I can prevent such a long break between meals therefore, approximately two hours after dinner, I eat a few personal proteins It has a residence permit Federation wine then eat a little town but now you realize you have an example I eat as you can see I totally did not so that's what it seems He helped me lose the last couple of
  • 04:01: tens of kilograms and now allows keep shape and I want to add something from yourself many people believe that eating right it is very expensive but actually Yartsev assembly oatmeal chicken breasts or other fish is not necessarily salmon such as pollock worth sharply and years did not more expensive than the cookies to dry out and attack other sweets Eat a variety of delicious and mostly helpful love yourself and your body then it
  • 04:30: be sure to pay you a healthy glowing kindergarten and a good color well-being Sandra Panin if you like what I do, too, thread like button describe subscribe to my channels and of course I will say of modern dance do not forget that work together It is much easier