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  • 00:04: greeting beautiful women in this video, I want to tell you about the metabolism and its effect on losing weight and I will give you today are some tips on how to speed up your metabolism, many who were on a diet in anticipation of quick results sooner or later you wondering why someone can eat anything he pleases and we have ourselves deter any case, each one of us there is always a best friend neighbor colleague
  • 00:34: which always have all that she wants favorite PIROZHENKO go to McDonalds, and always at the same time looks slim she says it's my metabolism we are left with only a shrug and go eat your chicken breast and plow in training if you do not fall into the group lucky rapid metabolism should not be upset and give up on their weight loss let's first look at what is metabolism and what it depends on his work and
  • 01:03: so metabolism, or it is also called metabolic process in which your body It generates and consumes energy that is calories he spend it on all sorts of activities ranging from the assimilation of nutrients to the cells of the marathon in other words, everything we eat and drink during the day is the fuel and the metabolism of the engine that it consumes fuel when we consume insufficient number of calories for our whole organism is our body
  • 01:34: panics due to a lack of food Replace your metabolism slows down when you are traveling on a regular basis and best of all at one and the same time, your metabolism begins to accelerate and be starting to extract those calories that could be you as fat reserves Now let's see what does the speed of your metabolism 20-year-olds every your next 10 years will slow your metabolism by 2-3 percent
  • 02:04: firstly due to the fact that the process of growth of committed and secondly your physical activity decreases muscle mass uses more energy than fat tissue when elevated body temperature increases your metabolism the same applies to the climate as cold and heat for a short period of time a little bit It speeds up your metabolism during exercise such a short time after they accelerate your metabolism by 20 percent
  • 02:30: but the investigation Nost also affect the speed of your metabolism primarily affect the hormones that produced by your thyroid gland, and so if your of a slow metabolism is not hereditary, and he did not appear in the cause hormonal disruptions that the situation is quite fixable the more human muscle mass the faster its metabolism thing is that muscle mass uses more energy compared to adipose tissue, I said this before except after physical activity your muscles
  • 03:02: activated and burns more calories, I certainly do not call you a huge pitching but just take a look at these pictures and you will understand as it might look like your body if you had less fat aerobic cardio workout will help increase your speed Metabolism within a few hours after the most try interval training exercise Interval running instance 30 seconds, you run fast then you run for 30 seconds at a slower pace
  • 03:30: these circles in the whole exercise can be done 5 to 10 times, depending on your stamina Water is one half of the human body weight is Ivleva part of all living things on the planet It also flushes toxins out of your body and helps the liver process fats and your body just needs adequate amounts of water per day about the 30 milliliters per kilogram of your body weight if you consume less water or enough water per day then your metabolism will slow down your metabolism slows down considerably if you eat 2-3 times a day
  • 04:06: if you are looking for an effective way to lose weight then you enough to eat 5-6 times a day it is important that it was the 3 main meals and two small snacks the main thing that your body is your stomach is constantly working during the day if you do not know what your body burn twice as many calories in the processing of protein compared to carbohydrates and fats so it is very important that you consume enough protein for women is about
  • 04:34: half to two grams of protein per 1 kilogram of your weight on the condition if you exercise actively you wake up in the morning after a huge break in food consumption and skip breakfast it means slow down your metabolism and this is not the best start to your day in the morning your body protein required nutrients and water, and it is best to avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates strict diet to 1000 calories per day or even less detrimental effect not only on your metabolism
  • 05:02: but also for all your health in general, although these diets help you lose weight but at the expense of your muscles as well as we remember the smaller muscles in the body the slower our metabolism during sleep our body flow and exchange processes during which the consumed calories for our body also when we sleep, growth hormone, and the longer and more qualitatively better we sleep, our weight loss and faster functioning of our metabolism possible course
  • 05:32: avoid stress they are like leeches absorbed into our brains and It sucks all the most useful way of our body under stress people put on weight faster and hormone cortisol and stress hormone affect the production fat deposits in the abdominal area spicy foods contain chemical compounds that help to speed up your metabolism so add your favorite spices and herbs any meals but the main thing is not to overdo If spices speed up your metabolism is sugar on the contrary it slows down and promotes the deposition of fat reserves
  • 06:05: Well the girls here are all my tips on how to speed up your metabolism and remember the most important rule for weight loss is to stop being lazy all depends on you find somewhere in my head at the button disable lazy and then you will be able to speed up your metabolism and finally start burning all the fat I wish you good luck in your next video will meet all the whole bye bye
  • 06:44: to me