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Blackening of a knife in vinegar.  See details »



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  • 00:01: Hello this video I'd like to talk about blacking a knife in the conventional vinegar vinegar which is all will Chernitsa Now this is our knife which we Why will blacken we all do it this knife from r6 m5 ie This is bystrorez steel grade prone corrosion and has been on the It is now seen
  • 00:30: seats He will Kanaka It will not show in some places begin to appear shell small blackening one plan He begins to speak Corrosion on this metal by blackening in vinegar we try to on a surface of the blade He appeared protective a layer which will prevent further process of corrosion, and so I have
  • 01:02: I poured a little vinegar before such capacity here bottle and cut off omit it knife the only thing that apparently no we no change there is nothing gurgles nothing hisses the process is not such as the active
  • 01:31: blackening citric acid or blackening in tea but rather long it I suggest that the process this klinochek leave in the dining vinegar for a day and a day we are with you let's see what we have from this happened and Do we have turned no blackening neither he turned But the judge Eventually, I yet turning off the camera in Generally the birch
  • 02:06: Hello here I finally I finish video smear pressed the result is very, very satisfied elegant surface Just get it Haras when it is not she shines Chernenkaya way her husband I have been in operation since As for Chernitsa It has repeatedly
  • 02:30: the only thing that is true done all this not the next day already probably five times or six all the way up bare metal it I clean off all Asya chosen perry Black Elk or ink anew not know how to say it correctly in order to achieve this result well and worked some technology as do all his Start View it It was an ordinary table vinegar is that we all it is better to let
  • 03:01: just do it in such a way jar well first fat-free necessarily washed ECU and washed and the order of two or three minutes under hot water to knife he is hot he I became hot after We omit it our liquid take our capacity with vinegar and then just as the top cap our I put a jar polyethylene
  • 03:31: plain bag and hours after geese would become bruised 10:00 neatly taken. Again, you're under hot water, it Tesla that on it appeared washed away and so it went probably somewhere times three that is, it is about days and I went somewhere boldly and then periodically yet in order to achieve it such a result, he just stood vinegar
  • 04:00: probably 2 Walleye ie day it is washed off with him then another two days we have nothing he simply wash off it costs just Chernitsa just very many different options I tried and when we do it with a piece of it all significantly faster better going no no stains no not tsarapinok on chipping from nothing it is not visible yet eats fell it is here and vinegar by the fact that he was
  • 04:30: cover and it is up to Out of the corner handles are not even It came and selling it sofa a few it and it does not rise somehow worse the process of lt is blackening when we close Cover without access oxygen it all is much better but again, such is not important forget it rinse it under hot water washed with hot water and possibly this we somehow It accelerates the reaction oxidation and he it turns out that's a
  • 05:01: that's very, very interesting color in him how to destve You know how to schedule It turned out he did not have glare practical how I well, still gutted Rinse again and focus on It is all very, very well kept because he has have worked novice and work it after blacking probably 2 weeks
  • 05:31: Such are the points nielloed passed thank you all for viewing is my the video will be someone rewarding all the luck bye