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  • 00:00: Good morning today TV studio with yoga you Elena for what I your trainer on yoga for and we continue to face We exercise our course aimed at condition improved face of the shoulder girdle and neck area on today's lesson we make some classical and himself to be have a positive impact on the internal bodies body healthy our face also inside and execution
  • 00:30: these and he will impact on the muscle tone person Now we are perform workout and then go up and perform some classical and myself so we begin Now we are counting draw out the legs and pursed fingers on feet and hands squeeze press your fingers on feet and hands and expand their sides make another some such repetition and drop voltage hands reset voltage
  • 01:01: legs thumbs inside fists and Now we rotate simultaneously in ankle joints in the wrist make a few outward movement and several movements in inside good cast off voltage chat feet and cast off voltage term do side stretching right the handle raised we pull up Right-side change hand places stretching look up
  • 01:30: feel that you nicely tightens without overstrain We will do another one 2 live each side well that we breath rotten in the breast department with an exhalation rounded whole spine feel like relax muscles back to the breath nice and are drawn by rotted exhale rounded back Pull back all and again on inspiration rotted pleasant Breathe expiratory
  • 02:02: rounded back relaxes muscles and back again with Prague nice breath full deep breath and on the exhale, we lose heart do several movements shoulders flexing shoulders and shoulder joints impact already on neck, too, and make several circular movement back nice opening chest well the head turns to the left feel right
  • 02:31: a neck region collarbone lower part person feel all the person doing more for one turn in each side of the head in the middle and make several circular tongue movements the veils between the lip and gum thus Make 5 rotation one side and 5 rotation in the other side and so starting 1 2 3 keep your mouth shut!
  • 03:01: 45 well and the other side two or three times on May 4 well relax relax your face area bottom jaw and with an inhalation nice stretch up exhaling Lower the head with breath turning face upwardly with share exhalation omit head and again with breath up just feel we stretched that part of the neck where you
  • 03:30: create tension and exhale, drop the head to inhalation vertical position and so we to his feet what we do, we repelled feet from the floor so as though we repelled hands in a push ie pushing housing up You feel the weight body evenly distributed between front and rear part of the foot between the the right and left with you pushing feet tighten both kneecaps
  • 04:00: to muscle pulls together feet to the middle and traction move continue to tighten and the lower part of the buttocks and lower abdomen it straighten the waist and allow you to more reveal the chest chest department continuing extension move attention up stretch crown of the head up as if top of the head like reach up to the ceiling Pull out and chin slightly forward not squeeze chin and neck push it a little forward to the region
  • 04:30: under the lower jaw It has significantly It tightens like if you bend chin through through fence some obstacle top up chin slightly forward and down and now we lose heart fingers straightened and with the help of hands we pulls the shoulders down and so we repelled feet from the floor pulling the bottom the bottom part of the buttocks belly disclose the chest square shoulders seek down crown up chin slightly
  • 05:00: forward Breathe naturally not hold your breath Please look up stress-free easy look up continuing to hold this position and we Hold it on lead to breathe 10 naturally keep looking be sure to keep up chin and the top of one two three 4 May six keep feet start from the floor chin top July 8
  • 05:31: September 10th very well with next exhalation relax I think that you felt changes in the body when we performed this simple external kind favor I think that you feel how the temperature sensations in the body and so you pay focus on her face on his neck if you are doing the pose in front of a mirror you We are seen as a tangible pulls it area and how clearly becomes the entire lower
  • 06:00: part of the face if you held view at the top you feel if more flow subtle sensations It moves up, as it were imperceptibly pulling All skin all facial muscles up well and we are moving further and fulfill next pose which is called triangle pose tights noses we put your feet on distance length your feet unfold right foot outside the left looks inside the pelvis we pull straight
  • 06:30: pen in hand shoulder not for him and the right stick I extend forward omit the right handle on his right leg and Now face and turns up looking at the tip thumb hold the view on this area is now feeling his body most attention to leave face feel like I have a feeling in the lower part of the face is not throw back chin on her head deploy themselves hold the attention on the tips of the thumb
  • 07:00: finger and feel fix your face position at the expense of up to 10 times two three four honoring his face looking at the tip fingers 5 6 7 8 9 10 with the next breath rise up folding handles make free breath look at the tip of the fingers and as you exhale, lower
  • 07:30: head feel how to relax the rear surface neck and face, and do the same repetition in the other side unfold the left stop right outside and feet inside proceed from floor and pull the lower part of the buttocks and abdomen draw out handle and pull the left handle to the left leg drop on the leg arms and back turn around face-up look on the thumb on tip of the thumb up her hands
  • 08:01: chin slightly to himself not throw back head feel the lower part of his face again two three six May 4 7 let us now at more important Feels like it Blitz 8 9 10 words of breath rise upwards and folding handles make free inhale and exhale well
  • 08:32: Both socks have deployed ahead put your feet slightly wider tighten the bottom parts of the buttocks and bottom belly with the breath of are drawn up and exhaling Now drop the handle we are in and is inclined are inclined try to do I have straight legs but relaxed back let your lower back completely not relax strain not simply drag down and hang down as a if you fall asleep in
  • 09:00: this upside-down position and staying slope and listen to sensations in the face You feel the blood flows to the face pay attention to how will change sensation in the cheeks in the region around mouth around the eyes eyeballs themselves pay attention to all the fine changes temperature Feel changes in temperature sensations in the face observe that there is time fixing this position and so with the breath and are drawn up from
  • 09:30: exhalation straight cant legs down arms may be crossed or simply hang down so as you wish fully relax your your face when you feel the voltage at the knees can barely bend but lags attach great value is now sensations in the face feel your breath and feel your face feel how to change it naturally and physical sensations fix position about two to 10 times three 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • 10:09: 10 make pleasant full breath exhale with another breath bending the legs in we knees rise up head rises last and Look at the tip fingers on the exhale omit the hands down and Now we will be to sit down and do finishing postures
  • 10:30: sitting position and so we sit down pulling the legs and pulling socks with by inhalation are drawn arms up unfold the palm forward with a divorce hand in hand with roundabouts reduce blade and omit the palms on JSC fingers floor basin Hand is turned forward Now socks stretch forth push off arms and hands heels off the floor
  • 11:00: push the hips up gluteal strain muscles thrusting pelvis up and blade blades push chest and Now look up not throw back head no tighten chin too close up look as though the tip torso Stretch up and fix this position on account before five one two three 4 May inhale and exhale drop the hips down
  • 11:32: crisscross many, grew lower head relax your neck feel that your face your neck fully relaxes make pleasant full breath exhale and another breath raise your head and we turn to relaxation you can lie down and better if you have the opportunity to go to straight back
  • 12:00: with straight hands and feet unwrap hand Pond palms up if you can not relax lying then stay sitting just cover your eyes and Walk attention for your body feel that your legs arms and body back belly full shoulders relaxed feel that you breathe easily free look
  • 12:30: attention on the sensation in his face feel like relaxes area bottom jaw the area around the map in the area around the cheeks eye area eyebrows feel like fully It relaxes the forehead and all face and head Imagine that you breathe in his face Imagine that your inner smile like
  • 13:00: sunlight begin spread inside the head spreading begin shine through facial muscles through skin remember this state take a deep and with the breath exhalation another breath open our eyes lesson for today I think that will end Now you not only You feel for another but also You look wonderful your appearance Now completely
  • 13:30: exactly it was different stay with us engaged with us and using regular activities you can to achieve those positive positive change and on the domestic external level which you for real You deserve Learn their the true beauty and always be beautiful and happy see you on the channel Weather TV