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  • 00:01: [music] Hello my Roshan name Bulatov Today I want to tell you to show how it is possible make disposable forks I'm beautiful and we dice cut in half in two equal parts To do this, it can be even college ruled line split in half to precision then so the temple on cardboard and draw out
  • 00:31: We get this, too the semicircle of cardboard paper on color, and here we Now get this these two pieces of dice paper and cardboard I'm on the disc pencil somewhere two centimeters from the edge of I spend here So again the same as semicircle this place where we will play fork-third now we need to
  • 01:00: no stick drive we use a piece of cardboard it is possible to hot and crystal glue that I show you rovnenko pasted next fork the shorter dries quickly and therefore it is necessary prilovchilis and keep pace stick
  • 01:40: we ended up gluing Kit Now It is connected to a second half drive now we are working farther to take this a piece of lace and start to miss
  • 02:04: Now between these two chopsticks fork Now we take white lace This lace flowers that we too seal taped so half a red as if to they seem to be and keep our red Now a middle position smear glue can be
  • 02:31: even in so quickly several so now we have to in time you glue each Flower and half presses fingers Next we take red ribbons atlas you and narrow too narrow rise right now, skip or a little longer
  • 03:00: because we just skip as well as the red lace around the edge Button pulled here herringbone we do not and it helps to pass then we do we glue first lowland skip [music] Now as a result of our hard the work here has turned such a beauty I wish you creative and to create success
  • 03:31: goodbye [music]