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Make ITSELF \/ the HEART of THREADS and the WIRE  See details »

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  • 00:01: Hello everyone dear friends and this video, I'll I tell you how to make here such here hearts of thread and its wire hands are not made about a very, quickly so when that you view so to make such here Wire hearts us with you need thread knitting pliers or clippers and scissors here
  • 00:34: wire wire may be different aluminum and copper steel or any power have me here such copper wire Well, it should not be only that it I returned well and with stretch thread joyful spoiled Here we see the rests I did not stand out well that is, the wire what you will the presence of the can
  • 01:00: use for First we need to make the shape of the heart to do take the wire and level we see it initially you slightly opens for to her align we take something round hoop hoop a table leg so that the here and pliers We take and hold and with two edges about Wolves hold among on here and so we turn that is here to take wake up and twist or something round I
  • 01:30: Now push on the floor I lined for wire since going about leg table to do it and I will shoot uncomfortable see our you wire here it is equal to It became even well Of course it is a little but it became a semicircular it's okay Next we get bending form heart heart It may be different either we place contact will be at the bottom of which there hearts or we instead contact will top what there hearts let's do the top
  • 02:01: We take our wire we turn it the ends we are twist pliers here here so now bite off once again under the edge We wrap like this Now take trimming take
  • 02:31: Now here's the edge cop perish like this you are here bend the plug on that is careful Now pass form heart of our wire here bend and here Strugova centered bend here now and so We give shape heart blank
  • 03:00: We are now ready It remains rewind thread thread I will be This time the red to do so as it is already white and have a here golubenky heart unrolling but in such a heart We will have a meter four thread accurately and he can say so But our hearts to First we need to skip thread look like this I take here to tie the knot
  • 03:32: then the edge Let them here and so look over here down take the edge of the thread carefully so that it not confused touches the water and held out as the wire we pretty here slippery, we will Here such here stitches do our
  • 04:00: heart with cresting now we here hold again the second take the edge threaded heart initially we deal with you this Can delta any rum order to do but I'm doing this Triangle again to center here we have with you turned out here such Now the figure below we It takes just a little ones down and fill the tank just as the same eyelets as we do we have here
  • 04:30: finger Stick to take edge edge is passed inside and pull Now the edge of the cop's we try loop tightens here we have a loop and now beginning and trace our kind heart
  • 05:01: is our heart nearly finished Now we are left only free credit card somewhere hide can take him to thread somewhere tie the knot tighten well thread is not scatter here and free edge we we can just pick up and cut here and so Our heart is ready it is attributed I am wound is
  • 05:30: it is a little bit longer less and now we through such hearts may do either or both his wand or somehow hang some garland the there are all now depends on our if you fancy like the movie Like put subscribe to our channel and comment all you good