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  • 00:00: Hello today I'll show you how to tie Scottish gum is 1 hectare rubber bands 3 loops + 2 Edgeband for sample I scored 26 loops so let's start the first
  • 00:31: row we remove knit 2 facial purl is this and report 3 loops 2 front 1 purl even the men was just repeat 2 front 1 purl 2 front 1 purl 2
  • 01:05: front 1 purl 2 front 1 purl 2 front 1 purl 2 front 1 purl 2 front 1 purl and
  • 01:35: the last edge tied the first row so the second series of works turn over and we knit the second row we remove edgeband further we knit face loop one do the CAPTION on
  • 02:05: we sew 2 facial 1 2 накид we are we throw through 2 facial loops stretch 2 bound it turns out my capes sketched by these two loops knitted even to my husband and repeat
  • 02:35: face-piece 2 facial and nakid we we throw out on 2 facial here sposin him and repeat again face-piece 2 facial stretch
  • 03:06: through the capes 2 facial knots factor 1 more facial nakid 2 facial stretch out with a cloak on top of the sketch
  • 03:39: and two loops again face-piece 2 facial tops throw on repeat face cape 2 facial napkin we are throwing from above
  • 04:11: up to 2 facial stretch our again we repeat the facial nakid 2 facial though market of 2 facial and signs on top of drinks you removed this clearance repeat face
  • 04:41: cape 2 facial napkin again we throw I bind 2 facial and the last edge so we will repeat from 1 to 5 rows first 2 rows we repeat tie the countrywoman war and it turns out we have here
  • 05:12: so here is the Scottish the elastic looks enough nice fit it's easy to repeat this once again the first row shoot front edge or rather our 2 facial purl 1 2 facial 2 purl
  • 05:43: repeat the first row of 2 front 1 purl 2 front 1 purl 2 front 1 purl 2 front 1 purl 2 front 1 purl 2 facial 1 and purl
  • 06:15: and the last edge we repeat second row shoot Edge binding face-piece 2 facial and I spread two sc such rules of their Peak lychee facial nakid 2 face capes throw on
  • 06:50: facial napid 2 facial napkin we throw on top of 2 tied facial face-piece 2 facial whales on waste face-piece 2 facial and discarded from the top cover 2
  • 07:21: facial 5 cape we throw on top face-plate and facial napkin we throw on top face-piece 2 facial and cape we throw on top the last edge here we are again repeat 1 and 2 series it at us so that looks
  • 07:53: rubber with the underside a this is the front side there is still no complicated constantly repetition spirovo second row knitting the required length to us rubber I hope you liked to put class go to my the channel is all for you
  • 08:23: goodbye goodbye