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How to make polishing circles with own hands.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I would like to show you personal polishing polishing his knife in mirror his homemade polishing wheels it's such here at I have two one made of felt Soviet old Chanel and here such here not sliced layers 15 is made of motives and Layout Now this 180 Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • 00:31: drive from the grinder there's such a I just put the disc on top of the square multilayered felt and cut all it is good to find mathematical center again with the help of the same on the same disk was in the garage because jack on my Emery and goes under grinders and under common standard Emery abrasive circles Well, I go back to the disc
  • 01:02: metric found center and struck him early tube and , we have a sheathed the whole thing up between Incidentally apchu so here artisanal how could an ordinary there thicker spick and span well turned out conductor, in principle, items have not It performs postponed in side and show this one here the next disc cotton to cheap again on
  • 01:30: Bulgarians motivated drive full-time but the idea is taken from thanks to him channel samopal companies which also showed CDs cotton which I did basically I used using it to to finish finishing finish strippers a knife that is how he final principle on He especially did not even I found from the remains that which befell
  • 02:00: but wearing it bit processing not found not found on a simple polish it without polishing pastes I actually polish But on such a mouth for you if minute his two Demonica one piece more I bought them uab hoarder who if sold to me Ruble tells us
  • 02:30: rubles do not know 40 probably feels To be honest my post number 2 it seems to me at at least well, Polishing basically it smoke from the image rather sorry I polish today I will be here and will drop can that had to participate in some works not clearly show try show whether works that is, does it make sense
  • 03:01: apply at all vodka here cotton the outer circle or not that is, I will treat on both sides here it's wheels Chanel is necessary only alone one side using Now this cotton gayest we look if the difference between just polished felt to give them here
  • 03:30: discs cotton finish lapping well I try to capital USD is very large I leave his place so if I have here a podruchnik that on principle can not be move there and back at me from running in the rear end position and I screwed himself very disk yes another about
  • 04:01: traffic police post it on our I obviously more warm or mene order that all this paste is not It flies like you exemplified Basically here that's just there flown apart from the disk Pastor and dry solid so it's best previously I'll warm use your small piece preliminary
  • 04:30: warm up before applying to the rump to it more less evenly He applied to the hands and more on the fast I stood at the I play movies discs start I found it most ordinary gone let it be me certainly warm
  • 05:02: Knife well start suffice it people so touching I try as much as possible faster and
  • 05:57: closed You can see it already
  • 06:01: party after processing Now this here felt disc does not necessarily treated as if the result there is a plus while I once again repeat processing of that sides but only one will treat findings of this paper In order to understand if difference between processing
  • 06:32: just over a felt Now it's my Brand rocket ie start polishing the other side
  • 07:09: apply another little Basically we have here the flip side, too processed think that already even I will point worthy try wind cause we look to
  • 07:38: personally Again I see the look on these things after your a hand to spend Now this Shelehov sorry there is something there and I still do not sent 23 cooler
  • 08:02: he works for principle to any paper that there he did at least passes brings just Well, well, a series of cleaning try to see polished principle on papers I rocket It seemed that the growing kichmana miss teen now so Now therefore butt will also
  • 08:30: let's These are the principles that obtained it 3 the evil and will continue farther
  • 09:03: I am still after in fact, in my this much and continue to process
  • 09:35: Victor ask forgiveness for technical problems you remember I stopped on what useful this one's knives Now it's glazer of felt material and the well Chanel the actual principle the result was Here is such a find
  • 10:00: it is very, very worthy but would to still another try on cotton once again confirm is that all the same difference polishing on cotton Well there is, in general it is well proceed on cotton disc is not for our pasta just try and polish and
  • 10:31: dry, so to speak, without pasta start I'll polish the right side is here this I have that right that's apparently still Role not touch I will start
  • 11:07: fiber scatters just swing so It does not make sense I think no you apply this because it will fly with
  • 11:30: fibers Now this same disk I do not know You just hurt behind
  • 12:00: It may be poor picture but I think the result on the face when there is 30 seconds say work I basically already I observe change continue
  • 12:44: I try to do it carefully because a man I have a very acute
  • 13:20: head and continues fly away I think escape what basically valid the result is enough
  • 13:30: so good what not to do wait for the old sheet more portraitists look he care really obviously
  • 14:01: this dream it from this processed it is not I do not know and can transmit tube type camera but difference really is findings certainly do but you I decided for myself that
  • 14:30: pure discount for aesthetic meaning to me personally more likely side of this is now is right about Basically there is not long I worked on this here that's better cotton wheels that is there meaning finish on the handle and I'm just such a way this side polished it this is not to make conclusions you basically me
  • 15:00: more like it certainly polished on this disc but to work enough I so sweet to all of you Thank you for watching if there was going to be useful very happy until everyone