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  • 00:00: to begin knitting these hearts We need dial 8 air loops and then we'll do without bars sc starting with the next aerial loops we We start bar without nakida all such columns I It gives 7 2 3 4 5
  • 00:33: 6 and 7, then I'm doing air loop rise and overturn knitting and then again I provyazyvat bars without sc so pull me here 1 2
  • 01:01: 3 45 6 and 7 and then again, I do air loop rise and overturned knitting like these Now I'm only rows 7 I have to do made two and I still have
  • 01:30: do five rows after we knit these bars without sc look obtained a small box then I'm knitting Little I flip like this to the right side and here I'm here to knit this side here, I I find seredinochku It's here somewhere about where I I will do 7 with two columns nakida has stayed 2 sc I find here here here seredinochku somewhere so I have it here
  • 02:00: about and to I do with 7 columns two first sc case went to the second column March 2 4 5
  • 02:33: 6 and 7, the last column Now thread grabs but I do not need so Here askim thread and 7 column two nakida here then I find this one here little corner and to do connective column here look at me I have already formed half hearts so
  • 03:01: then the same thing I I will do and that's to this side exactly also I find here seredinochku there will to do with 7 columns two sc 1 2 3
  • 03:30: 4 5 6 and the last column with two sc all the same I am here and the edge of this one here tip to do connective column here Look, I already basically formed here such here a little heart so that we
  • 04:01: do more more I do not need to dial 3 air tabs here Here one two three and then here's this here side we to do with 6 columns so one sc here we have done then begin here February 1
  • 04:34: so here a little bit hard to find loops but you something like this about You will be looking for their well This is what I caught three four and the last five column one sc 6 So then when we reached this is now
  • 05:00: corner to get in one and the same. we will provyazyvat 1 column then one sc column two sc and 1 column one sc ie here here in the same loop pile with then one sc column two sc and bar with one to one and sc the same loop that we would like such a beautiful
  • 05:30: little corner formed so then we will provyazyvat 7 columns with one nakida here now this here's side starting with the next Air loops January 2 March 4 5
  • 06:02: 6 and 7 so here's a look how we get then we will provyazyvat our here These here are rounded to Here's the heart there we provyazyvat 2 column one sc in the same loop
  • 06:30: all we do that six times over here in the same loop February 1 then another Collar also two column one nakida then a third eyelet 4 the eyelet 5
  • 07:04: and recently there too two columns with one sc ups then we need do polustolbik It means somewhere too here we are in this thing the same can loop make it do connective
  • 07:30: column here in seredinochku same thing to do with this hand means we and do polustolbik We will make every loop two column one sc at that time two three 4 5 6. June 1 once means 1 loop then the second loop 2 columns with one
  • 08:00: 3 loops nakida also two bars 4 eyelet 5 and the last 6 and when we reach end see here
  • 08:30: I remember it was chain of 3 Air loops to most verhushechku I will make connective Look column so I here's a Here beautiful heart these hearts you You may make any accessories any suspension toys I myself, too, Now I linked these with two hearts parties before then
  • 09:00: I put inside soft vacuum and can of the bag will not let soft cloth obliged him by made such small loops yes and I get Such are the small Accessories I I can hang for keys or to phone or even anything it can generally be needles of the needle bar here can be but put Anything look because of these A little advice make beautiful soft igrushechki Well I hope you
  • 09:30: I hope you all had it was interesting if there is a clear any questions or comments that of course leave I will be very glad and to See you soon learned all bye Bye