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Dress to the baby a hook May flowers and chatter about knitting  See details »

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  • 00:06: hello today I decided to take a Video about knitting wings my channel stated that the number of my interests include even on my knitting channel until there is no video where I told this So I decided fill in your knitting, I am not
  • 00:31: pedant if I bored with work on one product ignited something others want try something other Change easily interest because there is nothing AZN is worse than work on what you already tired why literally sick well, probably knitter I understand when you
  • 01:00: vyazhesh something monotonically and that's what I It is now in the hands of this pay future niece for my memory helicopters for grandniece is the daughter of my daughter sister glorious girl to her 2 year I want this dress I began to knit more probably not in April I remember exactly knitting
  • 01:32: I spend very little time because mainly No picks work on my Now my website faced a wave yu tube but in general, if so Now frankly say what I knit I can only while when nothing else I I can not go and this time I It is only in the mouth I go home calling inside but where
  • 02:01: my parents live, I are now my kids and now I live in Aktyubinsk general after the place of my constant Aktyubinsk residence Kazakhstan and on the way train deals Three and a half if this day If a transfer or direct all still three days three four days at fly to empty, and here's what to do in I do train knitting I have it good it turns out I'm here for
  • 02:31: one trip is that the finish and so such a thing happened to my thing I tied cardigans show him a map call and yet this is now I could not dress finish because I did not have the desired the hook what's up this line to the flowers I
  • 03:00: He tied behind but in one fell swoop in one a trip on the train on somewhere here I find time to floret it has already been partially home partly in the train and here's the bottom edging I train I I forgot to hook desired But if the size of the here you notice here thinner knitting and here more here it was rough hook more the larger diameter there is need to hook diameter 2 millimeter and here
  • 03:31: I went to the hook number 3 and when something is wrong Knitting is my Brake does not knit I want vyazhesh sense that still have to bandaging and now you just simply because that the arms and the head should be something to do but also because I show that it is it was but for those who understands knitting those who are interested, I I tell exploded view here you see individual motifs here
  • 04:01: the flower and environment is box that knitted separately thread off here It fits this piece off thread It begins next fragment it fit from the center petals then here the periphery is all It fits in very quickly crochet knit all very quickly and nice when we knit the last round we connect to
  • 04:31: defined locations these de circuit we mentioned connect with previous fragment and so here is the showers this dress goes on a circular knitting that is, we recruit on circle here on this circle and knit but in the response in these here we were binding on the leaves circle and to dovyazyvaem colors on the same familiar go to pieces
  • 05:02: quadrangular goes on tying That dress can would this We ended up on the girl until I see Ryan girl is growing dress will be short and that is why I a little bit up that she could revile him not Only this summer next dovyazyvayu the next stage in this here is a tier drawing from the same any plant and interior finishes
  • 05:30: Now such titans I also decided to make color here will be that such imitation these are the same colors but in profile knit crochet changing color thread it is very difficult that is, We need to interweave buy so it is with seamy side so it looks like a thread spreads anyone else it is woven into the in this knitting and and should it not should rush in eye's wrong
  • 06:00: outside it looks so as to face outside it looks so that is I basically it but you can see not so much I see what get the opportunity it is not an option I do this a fragment of the latter is not very like perhaps it will be necessary bandage could that you do not need more one trip to knit home in this heat when I have on hand computer and internet because you can deal with
  • 06:32: it would be better to engage website that YouTube that I More was fascinated Well then, it would be easier now! I tortured conscience we all stop you finish it send or go rooms and so I show how I see that it does not that was unfounded It was clear that this I just keep the ball from till
  • 07:05: That is the difficulty muhtar of such an knitting somehow I am very much doubt whether final result any such effort hellish effort because in general,
  • 07:30: I look cover somehow it turns out not highly member all while still take into account that the thread all while trying to contract and and I
  • 08:02: you are looking for yourself difficulties on the spot I wonder how I It succeeded in even do come out only although only in the beginning I've got a way obtained only 23 of 6 only six I cut flowers and them I have my 26 must be like these
  • 08:30: tune Well Well see how it looks at the chamber but the great strength yu tube thanks to him I I dovyazyvayu this dress I took 3:00 Knit these two series with flower in
  • 09:02: profile and that's left two the latter apparently a number there is viscous sources but we must not forget that there will be more Sleeves should be here something to solve the problem We'll celebrate such as can not be left to be too broad and Contents of Charles vi I do not know how long it time will go like it seems that a little but I had no time
  • 09:32: case when I It was to impose just a few several rows of wind and I was throwing and Knitting is not escaped cats waiting the wings so-so-so dovyazala bottom of the dresses It happened like this in general these sources could not guess. in the end here are select normal
  • 10:02: related to a beam one eyelet previous row 5 columns with sc Well, that such turned and chairs well, in my opinion pretty cute We now obtain it is necessary to come up with here as the cuffs how to decorate and armhole how to draw a cutout Here we are working on So eventually eat
  • 10:33: 1 shot if about the net time it at me for it 4 hours probably quite rate of knitting here the most difficult series These were to I We did tell two lines to all had intertwined It is even easier to have and went so pure automatic Work is under TV's film some are well here I am
  • 11:01: I check my watch channels on the yutyube who I signed on 1 takes the knitting Well, sex is beautiful to me I said earlier that so I will not knit I never believe it and so continue see what will continue such will look like Dress to the end that this dress more I will not yet connected invented so I decided
  • 11:30: cuffs to bind here of the same motives and Now I'll show you how it's like this fit tune begins sauce pink yarn pink col.
  • 12:36: so that's 12 petals we come due exams and law length on top of peace. and in the middle dig and turn to so the next row the next row that we look under the scheme then we green begins green series and he also The last third
  • 13:04: and so here to started so if you have not already such Ishchenko paid and here I dovyazala These tune like the head of a Now here is finish that will when going here
  • 13:30: these cuffs and a little while and sobem I make knotted such zavyazochki to be was tightening sleeve the size of the child and tying the neck left a nice little cry hallelujah thanks youtube I knitted this dress it's over now
  • 14:00: I have been here directly the Pamirs and see what that sit I have not thought of as a because doing here of the same and there is no zavyazochki shnurochek and very aesthetically pleasing much will spectacular and here about pull the cord can rezinochku decide here from this side so Here round hats pack delicate or
  • 14:31: prodernut here satin ribbon or a thin the same shaped circle so it will be nice Well, in general, the larger in any trim it dress need like this I have already and here I showed I show here made here such bound girl tied one row green bars
  • 15:01: thread and a row pink thread anti Asuka aerial loops and the peak of this one here It is shorter than the peak It called yes it would be good even certainly show this model so long as such
  • 15:31: Now this is my circle interests for which bye bye to these meetings I wish happiness beauty
  • 16:14: here minutes