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  • 00:01: hello today as I promised you I I tell you how to tie brown blouse Chestnut nickname that video which I have earlier so that tie so to speak a blouse us Children do not need. that interest blades It is the same as we knitting and our pants means personally
  • 00:30: them from the set of loops I won here I eighty-six loops snip basis base our obtained is after our collar that is, first, we do not collar mode we recruit here here we are in petelechki Based on 86 points 5 further second row and started writing columns with sc columns with I sc
  • 01:01: Knit May 14 vichik the there is not first dress you so when we talk Added 86 5 Pilot I, I they shared that is, I'm here on the back of 28 May our facial me and Front bullet 28 Telchik I have a one-handed I had 30 stitches they gave birth and divided 15 ie just that was all symmetrically front-to-back and
  • 01:31: sleeves that everything how lonely all natural can any dial number 5 le chic if she still equally divided on and on sleeves in front and behind you is not 28 loops back so Get 1 wing arm 15 and 15 February Sperry as this blouse, I do not I will knit a goal for May 28
  • 02:00: I shared their speeches for 4-14 and over the rest May 14 also points means when I read the game not to lose arm that is all I read I began to knit knitting I have a column with sc when dovyazala 14 loops and then snip loop ordered must 15 start loop which is due to start in my hand I
  • 02:30: Knit 1 post with sc then air loop again snack bar, all in one loop fluoro which should we begin with you wing arm will show the hour so I have to say hook you up half I knit so as that I'm so
  • 03:05: let's say I was knitting Since the knitting licked rehouse in the first scored petelechki the thickness is not necessary untie it, I was knitting 14 loops check with sc to drink and now I say here's 15 loops but to start
  • 03:30: I split knit in this loop to 1 bar sc then knit air loop and again here the same knit slipway column here That's how you see it like the beginning I that is confused
  • 04:00: become a little wider here here svyazochka plump and here Vodka is a hole here here and so knit on again He tied the wing arm 15 have to read these 15 columns with sc again where I begins back again in one petelechku knit column with sc air again
  • 04:30: the column shell have all in one petelechku and coat over the back dovyazala again wing arm started here and see me again Knit the same thing we should be 1 2 3 4 January sleeves 4 separation of turn around and start again cut this petelechku Here she is seen as a divided i will give u
  • 05:02: We had leprosy in the there is further no longer it will be seen where our sleeve where we back where we here before we will have seen in this loop there where we had Air loop is there provyazyvali in One again we were binding column with sc Air and bar with sc and so knit back again again in provyazyvaem
  • 05:31: This same true in the top 3 loops vershinku provyazyvaem post with sc air May 3 noble and we like she is It begins in blouse show she suffered thinking divide separated from diverge 1 on the wing arm inout
  • 06:00: like this man converge here I It obtained knit 1 2 3 4 5 6 11 5 111 ryadochka then So you can sort of where you will end number of turns there will already provyazyvat further at I have here a number of ended just here's front
  • 06:32: because I started to oblige with this hand here end and I, too, knitting has only this side of this knit here we It begins when down we will tie 50 it's just in our times learn planting and Pull since I have our shows tonics bottom here see provyazyvaem Such are the squares
  • 07:02: We brought them to the bar two sc me there is a video where I tells how how to knit decrypt scheme how to knit columns with two sc who do not know then 2 Sinti and 1 air and Again we have 2 column thoroughness because through petelechku that is, one buttonhole provyazat 2
  • 07:31: column two sc air loop and by column I began to knit again two bars to send of the frame, all 2 I demonstrate well So
  • 08:00: We began to knit two columns with sc through one loop provyazyvaem 2 with the column 1 nakida 1 air again Collar and again across one loop in base provyazyvaem column 2 sc
  • 08:31: That is because we but it turns out this you can not drive it on your discretion only He wants you can knit it is generally not sand immediately begin to knit rakushechki rakushechki Bottom of the day is done across 2 is obtained through petelechki ie
  • 09:00: but if so this but a series of petelechki And so in every each chain as you can see I rakushechka We started about a kitty from the war front row provyazyvaem double rakushechka ie two loops as I I told you 2 petelechki air and 35 again from above the second
  • 09:30: series and all subsequent days and the second row 1 2 4 5 the following 5 series here two or three times that It has provyazyvaem my rakushechka three three column with sc ie three column with sc air and another three column with sc more 1 2 3 4 5 within 5
  • 10:03: series to no more than portrait provyazyvaem rakushechka 4 columns with sc ie with 4 column sc Air 4 column with sc and the torch at the end of us same way in end and the we finish sixth a number we get also with 44 column
  • 10:33: sc Air 4 column again that is, the right pour Now Belt first row start knit a column rakushechki of two columns with sc then the following 5 three columns rakushechka and the last six we
  • 11:00: Knit four columns with sc Here such at rakushechki We obtained as blouse like a little here such as NER that is spilled it increases and increases from the bottom and cuffs with us the same feed or shade increases I do not need anything here with conventional rakushechki mind columns here such as our Tanchico we din column and
  • 11:30: finish here too have us from beautifully It is something to konchanie sleeve checks too knit in waist point each was imposed in every little window that It has since bottom pants provyazyvaem so here right to same pc knit our end and then I was knitting here
  • 12:07: I was knitting collar so when I dovyazala it has already begun collar knit collar fire through each of their here rakushechka begins I have every it turns 2 petelechki bones rakushechka 2 petelechki We come again rakushechka two columns with sc
  • 12:30: the first row and once again two or three in three rows my affection with three columns sc rakushechki the I have all 4 Is. but the collar too as we get there are increasing so get someone well as spilled Chikoy here is our Pergamum start country rakushechka double and
  • 13:00: here for three columns like this here well as the further as already dekoriruete buttons of all by yourself types of flower I It was already as you want at its discretion and all the best knit