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Knitting by a hook - the Flower the Lesson 45 Crochet flower tutorial  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: knitting spiral t . scart clear finish for first circuit provyazyvaem chain of 6 to 10 air loops skip one loop and next st
  • 00:30: provyazyvaem column without sc and so knit until the end of the series in each loop provyazyvaya one the pillar without sc Now I knit up end now turn and will knit
  • 01:00: the opposite direction provyazyvaem one air loop and then knit in a loop without the base column sc further the following loop provyazyvaem two column one sc 1 and then 2 and then each
  • 01:39: loop will provyazyvat 2 column two sc 1 post with and two sc then in the same point of knit 2 column with two sc and so We will knit to the end a number to each based on the loop
  • 02:09: provyazyvaya 2 column with two sc and is such a ribbon We will continue to will lace
  • 02:40: ribbon thread contrasting color Lithuania vdevaem hook the very first loop base and We take out the loop thread of a different color We shall continue to knit connection threading loops the rear hook polovinochku loop base and so knit to the end of the series happened here-such
  • 03:14: Ribbon and now we turn off this ribbon spiral in such a way so that we had a floret then using
  • 03:48: needles sew all ranks among themselves and on obverse you get a interesting spiral flower and Now I have already prepared two flowers