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  • 00:00: Hello dear the hostess if you I enjoy decorating festive table and cakes you can not do without pastry tips with a bag but to use such nozzles requires experience how I'll get it I advise trained on mashed potatoes this advice once helped me use learn use confectionery attachments I think that will help your best bet is to take mashed potato fast preparation of it It obtained without
  • 00:30: lumps of weight desired consistency here is a mashed potatoes should you how to turn use confectionery nozzles are typing mashed potatoes bag and squeeze out of it Different patterns in depending on the nozzle pattern you will be obtained may be different make here are flowers or rozetochki tips I have very simple unscrew FEA street
  • 01:02: put another packing and continue cake decorating and mashed potatoes It can be beautiful decorate cold meals salads let's try make beautiful rosettes on the map of mashed potato
  • 01:31: It is this Rose on the basis of more convenient thing to do on the handle the handle is cranked hands and movements of arc do petals from below up and down again than More petals Do do you have the get bigger rosette remove and rosettes
  • 02:00: put you on the right place such attachments you can buy the online store 3w . craftswoman hand maid ru point in our shop you can acquire other tools for ornamentation holiday table articles and workshops help you choose Thank you very much for Board all the best bye