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How to knit a camomile a hook the Lesson 27 How to crochet camomile Part 1  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: provyazyvaem sliding loop and moving into loop knit 6
  • 00:30: columns without sc 1 2 thriller 4 5 and 6 tighten
  • 01:06: sliding loop pulling the end thread and connect first and last eyelets using a number connecting loops in the next row provyazyvaem two column, without sc in
  • 01:37: each loop and again the same the second loop column, without sc all provyazyvaem 12 columns without sc connecting the first and
  • 02:11: last loop using a number coupling loop in the third row to knit every second column by two columns with one sc provyazyvaem 1 column in the first loop and then 2 columns, without sc the second loop and one
  • 02:43: the same point and 2 the next one again column and then two column, without sc and the fourth loop as alternate to the end and a number of first
  • 03:14: last loop connected by connecting loops next row provyazyvaem one the pillar without sc in each loop knit until the end
  • 03:46: and a number of first the latest of a number of loop connected by coupling loop and now a gut-wrenching inside out Receive Items it will seredinka flower