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  • 00:00: today we face morning dew to coconut curd Racine them to us will need 200 grams 8 tablespoons of cottage cheese tablespoons coconut chip 3 tablespoons spoons of sugar and 1 egg yolk mix with cottage cheese sugar and coconut shavings
  • 00:34: separate the yolk from the protein and add it to the curd mix well from the resulting mass forming beads about the size of Walnut coconut balls We put in the freezer 25-30 minutes chamber
  • 01:02: to test us will need 200 grams 150 grams of butter cream xXx 1 protein 1 cup of sugar tea baking soda, two 3 cups flour tablespoons milk 2 tablespoons cocoa soft butter, beat with sugar to lush cream without ceasing
  • 01:30: beating one add the eggs and protein here and there adds which extinguish the sour cream baking soda and all milk whisk mixer
  • 02:09: the resulting mass sift the flour and knead the dough prepared form pour half our test well flatten
  • 02:30: compare the other half add the cocoa and carefully mix chocolate pastry pour over white
  • 03:02: Now take frozen coconut balls and Put the top slightly pushing in bake dough cake in a preheated 180 200 degree oven about 40 minutes custard half a cup of sugar and tablespoon of flour mix add the vanilla and
  • 03:35: trickle pour a glass of milk mix well that was not lumps set on fire and cook until thick in
  • 04:00: end of cooking, add the tablespoon oil then give the cream cool ready-cooled grease cake cream and sprinkle cocoa
  • 04:30: Now cut into portioned pieces and call all tea Here's a morning Rosa I get a nice tea Party come to visit us leave your no comments bye bye to new meetings