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  • 00:04: for this experiment gonna need apples let's check it out and close up you got an apple but you want to split it with your fan but you don't have a knife so how would you break it in half so the easiest way is put your finger in between like that in the middle and just stamp it on a on your finger like that well check it out and you got half one
  • 00:32: out here and the other half are here and steady said he again I think I stopped on it way too hard so just heat it lay a bit lightly oops so you see and you got it in half I kind of start you know heating it too much but very simple way to break it in half but this experiment we're gonna need G
  • 01:00: soap milk food coloring plate and the ear cleaning thing you know what I mean alright here's what we're gonna do we're gonna pour milk first you know in a plate then we're going to make couple drops of food coloring overhead greenish here yellow what else you got blue we can put some green over here against button let's put some yell over the little bit more anyways then we're going to go up out do soap and soap it up with the stick like that all the way all the
  • 01:32: way you see how how much there is and then we're just gonna stick it in there look at this craziness today I'm going to try to open a beer the BCD we'll check it out so the idea is here that they are hard over here and so it will fly out I let this like do this kind of motion like with the East you know and as hard as you can but not not the bottle of the cap that's it that's how
  • 02:06: we open a beer just a bit seedy so this experiment we I need a tap-in please let me know how to call those things in English so let's see what are we gonna do all right I'm gonna Gobber by the end I like that and do that check it out it just spins it like that can you do that if you don't I'm gonna show you how to check it out
  • 02:31: this is how you're gonna hold it like that put it in your middle finger the F finger fourth finger you know and then you're gonna do like a snap your fingers you know and then you just snap your fingers and it stays like this pretty cool huh so you can shine somebody to do that and if they don't know how to do it they're going to fail pretty hard status again
  • 03:04: pretty amazing huh for this experiment we're gonna need balloon skirl the bamboo screw for shish kebab you know the grilling thing and some so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna blow up the balloon and then we've got a tire put the squirrel to the balloon you see you see it pop these over start this again this time I'm gonna put soap on my
  • 03:35: fingers like that soap it up and put that soap on this curl right here like soap it up pretty nicely you know and let's start do the same thing see if it will work right here to this bottom on the top see you see it didn't pop this
  • 04:00: time ouch and then we're gonna come out on the other side check it out you see you see and it's not popped so as you can see I stick it on the side and it pops so you have to do it from the top and the bottom and there is less tension on the stage whenever you both
  • 04:31: blow out because it's staged on the side and life stages on the top and on the bottom you see I'm saying for this experiment we're gonna need buttermilk food coloring plate let's get to it first we're gonna put buttermilk in the plate then we're going to go up our food : a drop it in one place like that there's green there's yellow there's ed and then we're gonna need a little bit
  • 05:01: of soap and just drop a little bit over the check out what happens is that it's not move you well yeah meat huh dr. Maria prega what guys all goes on like that pretty cool screaming huh you don't double dueña look started to
  • 05:30: go out here awesome huh stop it boss anyways I'm gonna use the plasma ball to make some cool experiments check it out turn it off you cannot see because there's too much light let me turn off the lights now today I'm going to attach them put a piece aluminum foil see what happened kind of small pinch ah that
  • 06:07: hurt after a while starting to hurt oh that's cool check this out and for this experiment we're going to need that beer and you know sometimes you don't have a can opener so how can
  • 06:32: we open it all you're gonna need is piece of paper let's check out how we do it so this how we do it we're going to fold it bunch of times so you got surface with a lot of like you know foods like here and normalize here so let's get out how you do it here you're gonna go up and down like that and open it
  • 07:00: pretty cool have the piece of paper for this experiment we're going to need matches we're going to need like four matches we're going to stack one match and put it to the other one quickly and blow it out as you can see we got this too much sight here so once we've done that we're going to need another match and set it up like this okay we're done that and then you charge
  • 07:31: somebody to pick up all the matches the one much everybody will be time to do something and fail and this how you do it you pretty much pull on these two matches you see the one match drops and then you lift it up see what I mean and you won the bet so this how you set them up you go up by their a bottom of the match and the top of this two much's I
  • 08:01: like just like that pretty easy takes a little bit purchase and then you ask somebody to pick up all the matches with one much they're going to be time most likely fail but then if they give up you can show them you go up and push on this two matches third match drops down goes in between of two matches and under much and you pick up all of the matches Chiklis brilliant saying huh pretty cool
  • 08:36: and if you pull it out it's false faxing you sure you want to have it close by because we're going to use lighter vodka and shot glass so here's what you're gonna do you're going to chance somebody to pick up the glass with your palm not with your finger but with your palm you know what I mean this is you cannot do that you know you
  • 09:00: see you still using your finger so but other way why is it's impossible you know because that would be using your finger so if they give up and don't know how to do it you pretty much put some liquor like vodka or higher that will burn and let it up and put hand into it and you see it's you picked up the bottle and you see if not just picked up
  • 09:30: you can turn it over and like sideways and all your fingers are up you see I'm saying so that's the bet you can win if they don't know what kind hard to do it and tell me how does it work scientifically - how does it sticks to my hand anyways to be stuff to unfold it you see I got Lea white spot in here a nerd SoCo it doesn't hurt this is just blood come in it's not painful at all
  • 10:02: but it's gonna go away pretty soon but it's a kind of funny