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  • 00:01: [music] Hello dear needlewoman you Tatiana and cutting Today I want to to talk at a very tasty interesting topic we talk about sweets first I will tell some sweets more often all using his works and then show you how get the candy out color without damaging the work itself well, that let's talk about candies The first candy
  • 00:30: which wants tell it raffaello candies often just bought work is to raffaello chocolates perfectly transfer temperature changes in the hot summer days of candy med j the shelf life of 9 chocolates place only probably less I would note this price the next option candy chocolates foil without the tail in this case is candy wolf here could be more add candy
  • 01:00: autumn waltz Ferrero Rocher candies These are the candies They are attached to our flowered only due paper is not food the film does not need us it will be with you net only due paper candy will keep colors Here's how this work the next option candies candy where wrapper with one the side ponytail candy wrappers just for thereby tail Your sweetie will stay on wire either skewers
  • 01:30: and with the back side you can pick up finger and get sweetmeat flower in this case, it will remain the next option candy is who with candy two sides of candy wrappers But with a tail hand you over the tail attach candy wire or skewers on the other hand candy wrappers tail just bend here in this way you yum it will
  • 02:01: stay on floret when the man He wants to eat it just candy wrapper and deploy candy will another option candy mounting Scroll to the bend both sides tails and already packed in a piece of paper in the crepe paper and you will be candy stay not at the expense tail due the papers in this case, candy is not necessary will deploy candy jump out flower as do I'll show you
  • 02:31: later another We would like to say about the candy Martian here It was important to coconut will if you're just starting to develop a direction as the suites Design and candy raffaello ok they are very accessible the price for you then you You can take candy Martian coconut puting they, too, see White also coconut coconut cream too Chips are true Unlike solid raffaello chocolates
  • 03:00: and the inner nut and but the puffed rice Still, such candy also hurl more about candy here see there is such a a form in candy rectangular here It could be add candy Candy Candy step plowshares wafer rolls in chocolate how to strengthen such bending back with candy two sides of ponytails candy wrappers But in this form, you candy and will attached to your
  • 03:30: This work will be Guitar and cakes chocolate stationery sets can be fixed with assistance bilateral wide adhesive tape or even as an option, you cut the desired light your him you need color paper the cut should be candy and width wrap with two side snap with cells of any a drop of glue and already
  • 04:01: But in this form can be stick to your work in a candy this case it just look here extruded and more very interesting option to mount to coin this is for especially not original necessarily use currently, money possible for dummies and similarly, We wrap here Of course glue anything We do not need another money she breaks this case, you need to just clip on both sides to make and since
  • 04:31: using satin tape record on your work here double-sided tape and wedges under this money she gets off and the latest version candy is chocolate here kinder chocolate here could be more include chocolate Babaev chocolate roshen chocolate gold medals bars in the case here now if you right here on the wrapper make adhesive glue gun this is when man
  • 05:01: open traces of chocolate from the glue gun will be visible why do we need it with you but you need before stick to the chocolate the take double-sided tape and here and so do completely out of double-sided Scotch tape and then removed protective strip and from above Cardboard for the same width and length as the Scotch and then It has adhesive gun glue here in then you do not have it will be visible marks
  • 05:30: glue gun that's all I wanted I have to tell you about candy and now we you talk about the how to get candy colors of not It hurts me I know from experience works when it comes Customers in the store and sees with candy says nice but what I I will give how will then take these candies and so we you learn to do candy composition so that the candy it was easy to get look like this
  • 06:00: We do take a rose Here's how this bouquet Rose of sweets raffaello beautiful shocked nothing falls transfer to another the city maintains a how to get candy revealed press and squeezing candy Now your sweetie she is a young napkin public colors It moves only due bills etc. you get better cleaning
  • 06:30: and you have a role remains beautiful well even without candy next This option colors candy colors snowdrops here in this bouquet is where I like you said earlier used where candy Atlantic with candy wrappers both sides tails we buckled and strengthen the flowers for by paper revealing petals you make sure candy was attached to this flower only only through green papers and
  • 07:00: gets it exactly and she just extruded sweetie you are jump themselves pieces they again remain the same corrected form it Flower took all will he stayed and it will still be a long time looks nice next and flowers it rosebuds here they do not work presented here just as candy raffaello rests only only by paper and just
  • 07:30: it just to squeezed all got candy saint did not leave two color options we have left atta brand tulips tulips used candy Gia candy wrappers one tail with the help of this tail yum keeps at us on the wire and or on skewers and a the reverse side Here you can pick up two sides of a finger fanfic
  • 08:01: so any candy here cut or just disgustingly flower and you and how will eat freely and the last option colors and to make here Of course a little longer will have to work hard and yet it is very important when you strengthen candy for poppies on the wire have a look to here these joints have candy wrappers day It was found
  • 08:30: top and lead you You are like this sure way the junction of the top because that it is through these joints you get candy picked up slightly finger with two sides opened the wrapper candy deliver words cut anything You do not need candy wrapper wrapped pay flower trimmed mage you stayed
  • 09:00: nothing complicated This is not how to do Flowers are a candy you can view pablike in contact with or in bouquets School my channel on youtube Tatiana cutting there presents Free video photo workshop and learn to learn enjoy your creativity to new meeting with you was Tatiana risks