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DIY Forsycje z bibuchy\/Tissue paper forsythia (+ENG Annotations) - Na szybko #5  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi. Today I will show youhow to make forsythia made from tissue paper. We need: ...yellow and brown tissue paper... ...stick or twig... ...orange crayon or marker... ...craft glue... ...and scissors. Cut a strip from yellow ribbon (around 5 cm width). Fold it 2 times. Cut a shape of petals. Now the center of flower.Cut several small rectangles.
  • 00:46: Paint the top edge by using orange crayon.Roll it up from left to right. Cut 4 petals. Wrap them around the stamen. Improve the position of petals.
  • 01:16: Wrap the stalk by using brown tissue paper strip. We need about 10-15 flowers(it depends on the size of twig). Wrap the twig by using brown tissue paper strip. Attach flowers to twig (in various distances) by using brown tissue paper strip.
  • 02:01: This is a great decoration for Easter and not only. Please give a like to this videoand subscribe to my channel.Thanks for watching!
  • 02:31: Bye bye.