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Colloquial English For Beginners. The English Phrases For Every day. Part 2  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends and welcome to my channel where we We study English using the language interesting exciting and incredibly simple videos and today we'll talk about how to offer something or ask for something in English language Our today's topic suggestions and requests please remember that will be for you much better and effective if you You will say anything aloud so start
  • 00:30: Our first phrase rather it is a question one of the most popular questions in English language it reads how about a drink if you viewed my previous video dictionaries you You may remember that and ju ring in English is drink how about as a means about how about how about and so you have
  • 01:00: guessed that It is the question is literally translated as Well how about a drink and if so how we We speak in Russian how about that something to drink let us ask this question again how about a drink answer this question so I can splice yes please or If you do not want to and
  • 01:30: tanker to retire and so What about is how about how about remember that it is better pronounce all loud and loud how about ask someone how about that something to drink in English It is much shorter
  • 02:00: how about a drink Ask this question how little faster about a drink Ekselent fine now imagine that someone you He asks how about a jack that you're at it the answers are correct you you can answer I splash yes please
  • 02:30: or if you do not want you say for the wall to have Tanka next the proposal does not question Would you like to be you like to be and Like let's say it bouillon like quickly e.g. during you like santa fe why would you not want
  • 03:01: Of course coffee why coffee itself ask you not simply because coffee in English language when we want when we say have in mind some indefinite or a small amount of something we often We use the word itself especially if it We are talking about some offers us something to someone we offer or ask for something itself a cafe on the Russian
  • 03:31: As a rule it is not translated and so in Russian we say Would you like coffee in English is It sounds like you like here he cafes student himself cafe such as tea in English it is not tea and let's say, and you ask
  • 04:02: your foreign friend or acquaintance would not you want some tea not Would you like it but you like tea at their word gulls add to the These word itself females Instead of getting all a bunch of you like a sledge ask this because
  • 04:30: if you really ask really Contact your foreign friend u2 like the female is very good . ask him or She would not want you coffee put your life and the code itself Uzi like himself cafe first time sound out
  • 05:00: offer slowly buddha you like himself and cafes then try ask this question quickly one axon Café you can reply I splice or at Tanka next question is May oh express request
  • 05:30: I can not st let 107 pretty I can sugar in English is Shiva Shiva is interesting that despite the fact that beginning of a word is worth only the letter s pronounce how we shuh-shuh-gah Step sugar and so can you
  • 06:01: my question is on e-mail and how can I get sugar you ask right mayhap he Sugar because here we also put himself on their own and I super in such questions can be After adding fleece Please can I have
  • 06:30: sugar please Soft Sugar itself pliz shore well as you may I ask tea you want tea you can tell me some tea females may have on yahoo in sled ask yourself coffee Can I have a coffee
  • 07:03: It Oif himself katee life of sun cafe The following is a more as a response to previous question Shore course was again at We should have started letter s but we read both TELL US of course also
  • 07:32: such a question can be answer and South Africa that means take you give something someone and say here take but let's say it with her and now faster heor you ask me
  • 08:00: Sugar hubsan place answer of course sho and now tell take you give sugar or you something to give to others say here take three words here you are here it will tell you think
  • 08:31: you first match shade hole thanks match large thin white match thank you very much more you can say oh acne it this phrase used in English language very often and this slot and literally means I appreciate it and Poland
  • 09:00: this value it is also then use when I want to say I thank you grateful that you have done this and shaded let's try this said about the roof and I am very grateful You can also combine together skates and pimples and give I thank you very much
  • 09:30: grateful for this or I'm just very Thanks Giving example, imagine you someone give thanks for provide you with services and you say, pension and I'm an alien let us repeat once I just say thank you very grateful thank you a and radiates thank you a and sew the second and acne
  • 10:02: and what you probably appetit you are welcome nezachto you are welcome you are welcome in the same way and you can answer When you have someone thank you say something for nothing and and wolves okay great job great job Dear friends sure that you
  • 10:30: coped well and now I offer you again and secure fresh learned phrases give Start as you start you say in English What about the very just how about how about say out loud ask what about to something believe literally means
  • 11:02: What about a drink how about a drink how about a drink remember how ask do not want you but you like but you like ask do not want you really just coffee
  • 11:35: uchilok female you UTY nayksom cafes ask would you like some tea not very very like females females like remember how in English
  • 12:00: I can not may I ask Sahara sugar I can step sugar may have himself Sugar remember how to say and of course how to say
  • 12:32: Now take something You give someone and you and tell him here you are tell certainly take hiya hiya I remember how to say
  • 13:00: very grateful such a long word long sentence but very popular oh and sewn it up and sheered tell yet time and and forgives it while than great work I am sure you're well consulted if not you can always browse this video was once again
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