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  • 00:00: Good day my dear to you today with Kiev cake delicious sweet air nutty I love this cake hope that you taste it prepare it quite difficult to So start begins which cake you need the day before the filing as cakes drying needs so that they lined up and start cooking to prepare us nuts It will need 150 grams nuts it can be cashews hazelnuts peanuts I think cashew most tasty cake
  • 00:30: turns and nuts Stand ban 150 degrees Celsius oven about for 10 minutes so that they dry and the time share Chicken eggs on proteins and I have 6 egg yolks chick pretty large eggs share very carefully to we did not get proteins a single gram of fat so stay tuned to protein is not got no grams and the yolk course dishes must be previously degreased and on land the fact is, wash with some very good rinse and means well get dry
  • 01:01: Italy I'm very I recommend you weigh proteins and recalculate prescription the number of proteins that you happened as a result, eggs are different sizes and Depending on this, may be error I have 6 eggs and stones It turned 210 grams Meanwhile nuts We did not have time to dry as you can see they are very Well flushed them You do not need special blush important to they dried up as in nuts contains moisture and She will be contributes to the fact that
  • 01:30: want to be smudge dried nuts, but the hand is not very difficult not very small though those it all depends on your my preferences like when shortcakes nuts felt I do not like when they are very large such as Karshi so difficult to cut any such medium size ie a result of get some number of small some nuts the number of nuts bigger and respectively 210 gram of protein and sugar and counting I am counting flour I have turned 47 grams of flour and 245 grams
  • 02:01: pour sugar flour to the tails add here 80 percent sugar its sugar and I take a stir sugar on the eye but you and can weigh measure 20 percent of the total number Sugar is the number our sugar need for the rest of the proteins mix with sugar flour nuts the original recipe flour mixture added yet vanilla powder to coil I did not but when you add desire can add if
  • 02:30: Vanilla powder is not can add packet of vanilla sugar mix these already beginning two training forum unfortunately they form different diameters because I have no 2 similar forms one Form 24 centimeters another 22 centimeters shape lining baking paper and the paper is better I kept not from I greased form vegetable oil paper on top of me too lightly oiled vegetable oil excess oil I gather paper towel if you paper good
  • 03:00: quality that is you know exactly what they nothing sticks baking process June can top Grease and loans whipping proteins and here I would like to take a moment theory to explain that protein occurs in time to shoot down the smoke in mainly water approximately 80 percent protein molecules which proteins in cheese These are minimized dense tangles of axis are churning deployed in this expanded state they able to eat air bubbles are formed protein during keep whipping
  • 03:30: fix all structure therefore first stage whipping beating on low speed here it is important in the battle egg white as the much air guys as proteins we astray increase in volume we increase speed mixer because we need to deploy protein aces We spend only well beaten egg whites and to Here is the fix But when the structure in We sat on the protein bubble and so start beating proteins at low speed gradually as whipping and add the momentum mixer when proteins
  • 04:01: They will be well whipped to stabilize the coagulation process add a few drops of lemon juice when the proteins will have whip until soft peaks begin by piece of our small portions and whisk up stable peaks so you know all What is Sustainable Peaks I then show them any such condition when you bowl with whipped Komi can calmly I turned and remain the cup and nothing will be with them and not thrown out not drained, you see them formed on corolla he does not fall off It does not settle well
  • 04:31: It holds its shape and leans not bend and then in beaten egg whites us You will need to get in the way our flour mixture interfere gradually corrected three reception but I intervene large quantity receptions stir very carefully from the bottom up and achieving to each portion OK distributed over volume of the head to there was such a large powerful computers simultaneously to say that it is better slipping is not very fresh proteins since the process
  • 05:00: Storage of the moisture of protein pass yolk respectively protein increases this is the concentration Here folded girl perhaps for this because it all confectionery textbooks that cake recommended one per cent of all proteins paint when you proteins keep under temperature of 40 degrees for the day is such a was very light weight We distribute it on Form I of all that is not am not very positively as well that a one per cent our case is 2 grams of protein if you
  • 05:31: want you separate the two temples some dark bottle and for Court to maintain or 40 at 38 degrees in my just need to look take not very fresh eggs that Now let's say you have a week stood in refrigerator and this It will help not enough perfectly sopyutsya 1 distribute weight In the way that bed height was approximately equal and in one and in another form the norm of such cakes baked in the heated to 150-160 degrees Celsius
  • 06:00: oven for 120 one hundred and thirty minutes of the There are 2 small 2 hour I bake at 130 140 approximately about two hours here so they have I took out the final form of immediately after the oven We put on the form on the grille to the area that also forms cooled and give them cool completely when fully cooled taking shape remove the paper at according to the norms removed only the form of paper removed already next day
  • 06:30: pieces of cake that we grabbed a form I, too, I will sever they gather we will need to cake decoration gently separate the bedplate shapes shooting paper overturn fallen in a open to lattice leave it to stand dry at a rate of 12-24 hours depending on the time that you dispose why is all we need to continue to cakes will promazyvat cream Award a lot moisture, and if not
  • 07:00: dry cakes porsche We therefore will melt its a must dry a little but here it is desirable you it certainly does not It retains moisture in passing I will say that the stand each need to dry room not to It was next to say boiling kettle since such frames able to absorb moisture and accordingly they instead of just drying can you raspolztis permanent cakes straighten as I shape We have different diameters
  • 07:30: all related used to cooking crumbs we decorate on that just is not so We got two cakes all crop receipts mash in the crumb is not not very big very small and sobemsya cooking cream original Kiev preparing a cream cake Charlotte, in principle, you you can cook any oil cream to take one cream egg it blab add 150 grams milk 200 grams of sugar
  • 08:00: all stir then here's this egg-milk sugar mixture, we We put on an average fire and will boil down to thickening passing I will say that in the Soviet in addition to this is the time Now we can say classical cream recipes Charlotte existed the so-called new Charlotte who Cream this is now a dairy sugar syrup prepared without egg applications only milk and sugar in this embodiment, on I think the cream it turns out not so not so sweet delicious and the boiling milk sugar takes
  • 08:30: much more time course there so called lazy Charlotte cream version This condensed milk whipped with butter the time has I start boil down Boil sugar mixture at constant stirring when the mixture boils and on and cook until thickening at a rate of to a temperature of 100 405 degrees Celsius because honest here never using thermometer as always you can take a spoon and look after another show who you therefore cook more I always say
  • 09:00: I remember condensed milk Now imagine that you need to boil down to consistency condensed milk so of course after cooling cream the future will be much what he was because now is not boils it is very there are still hot slightly literally Now this is quite enough as you can see no light spreads remain sharp shooting saucepan from the heat emptied
  • 09:32: else you want to show some consistency turned our milk formula she then became sad while cooling top cover with plenochkoj put right on point surface so as not to the crust and cooled to room but as long as the temperature It has a free minute I would like to tell you that this cake like any known Cake has a legend occurrence of it
  • 10:00: It says about how 1956 by Head biscuit shop Konstantin petrenko most leaving his shift remove proteins refrigerator result, we I had to be rescued situation ready-made, them something digestible in result here I born a lo this turned out fairly thick mixture and now we need to will whip with butter us It will need 250 grams butter packet of vanilla sugar and a dining room cognac spoon oil must take room temperature even
  • 10:30: a little colder ideally 20 degrees at this temperature oil well whipped or start we need oil beat well in whipped butter add bag vanilla sugar whisk oil with sugar and only then well and knocked m and weak and gradually administered on sugar infant formula and yet a word or two in the course of this cream is of themselves emulsion because we are Two components of the cream are interconnected not when you do not mix can this oil and fat our boiled milk
  • 11:01: sugar in fact this fluid but they can form stable emulsion to this emulsions formed us it is necessary that our fat oil prior to administration the liquid phase was beat well in Second liquid phase introduced gradually new portions such small I insert portions boiled milk sugar syrup every subsequent court days after between previous good whipping cream it is very important here
  • 11:30: silicon kill because if overdo the cream can exfoliate and the After adding tablespoon brandy and stir cream ready incidentally say that I myself usually cake I am preparing a simplified Charlotte cream version just knocking butter with condensed milk sugar yet has time can not resist not to say few words about painted squirrel perhaps this term I was introduced to maintaining There is a legend the emergence of cake because
  • 12:01: frankly I do not see no to the playoffs cooking biscuit on proteins are left with evening in the kitchen perhaps instead trapped it would be better say that for this cake it's desirable use aged proteins but so I have was very lightweight and very delicious cream coat with cream Our cakes are their paste it usually between shortcakes put rather thick layer cream as usually each has uneven surface and that this is now
  • 12:31: all smooth layer Cream should not be thickness must know about a centimeter Put the top another cake gently thicken if necessary if between shortcakes series and fluff light cream to all outstanding white cream I add cocoa powder 10 grams stir I chocolate will cream which I will decorate sides and top of cake if you want to
  • 13:00: decorate a cake some multicolored leaves flowers you you can delay a small amount of his white cream touch up and then use for cake decorating adding Cocoa powder stir with a white cream can be at a mixer can spatula in a result of it turns out that's a saturated color very very tasty This chocolate cream coat with cream board cake of cake I
  • 13:31: until promazyvat I will be as Kyiv cake traditionally sides decorated or remaining crumbs of cooking cakes or nuts so here I cake about kata prepared crumbs and then the cake promazhu top chocolate cream a small part of the cream be sure to share leave because you need to transplant bordyurchik on the perimeter of the cake is very It looks beautiful here
  • 14:01: the contrast between the top and Komi and cake it is most convenient for Miss bed at assistance chocolate bordyurchik and here is the number of cream left me lay it to pastry bag I do not really suitable for this business head gear bordyurchik in result is a bluish but I I think it is not so fearfully spread
  • 14:30: the remaining cream pastry bag for upsets cake perimeter after the end As I otsadit and Party on the perimeter at I still have a little bit of chocolate cream in addition I still have a few crumbs I decorate cake sides and I mixed result Both was very a delicious array of I rolled
  • 15:01: small balls here these balls I decorate a cake you have them we will see the final We gave decorate a cake for your taste Soviet confectionery textbooks recommended decorating Kiev cake canned fruits and oil cream colored different colors of and that the extruded flowers petals you can decorate fresh fruit the way they very good look very It harmonizes well with taste Kiev Cake is not the time all
  • 15:30: It is much easier sliced very thin marmalade and slices residues of beads oil and cream crumbs after decorating ready to deliver the cake for a while refrigerator to for base oil cream and may be supplied to the table and so our famous all favorite Kyiv cake ready I have is traditional wish nice tiles prepare very I hope that you will be enjoyed thanks that were with I watched a video change that the roller
  • 16:01: Once again just turned kilometer sorry for the tediousness with whom I constantly I explain the theory but what can we do and all you all the brands