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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today my new lesson large number of reviews about I have avast antivirus today will review this antivirus tell his download install customize and tell interesting the possibility that It is in this Antivirus Well We begin the first thing we need to do it download directly the Antivirus and its set means
  • 00:30: go to any of the browsers such mozilla firefox or any others that you use and any of the search systems or Yandex google and write the world antivirus here in a form and respectively click search opens search and delivery of We find there website here such a world antivir org dot this is my site which focused a large number of different antivirus
  • 01:00: various instructions to antivirus and keys so on come on this website we opens here this Here's a site with reviews different antivirus and omit almost at the very bottom here here is download antivirus avast, 2015 version click here here at we immediately have avast fries and press download button we will
  • 01:32: antivirus download push button save the file and wait while we load Download this I've found I've found that's already let booted look here it is we are, respectively, we it set of folders download ie always have placed in a folder let's download see download So he's there avast free antivirus twice click on it
  • 02:04: really begins installation confirm what we want to this program and Now I'll show you how to install and so in the first box We take off here this tick to not install one box and select a typical installation
  • 02:31: continue the installation and we agree with the conditions license Agreement on avast It creates a point restoration system if you suddenly not know how correctly install antivirus is right We speak before installing it is desirable to remove antivirus and whom you are already but only one this exception is can be antivirus nod32 that is, it does not
  • 03:01: conflicts with Antivirus and avast Moliere bit antivirus that for which there is a review on my youtube channel also with him he has no conflicts It does not cause so if you have a nod32 eset or anti-malware is You can free set this Antivirus and you have not is not any problems if you there are other the antivirus it is desirable to remove them before the beginning
  • 03:30: installation why because two antivirus can cause conflicts operating system and sometimes even goes to such that computer can not therefore included be careful if you have antivirus remove them before plant in a Basically we installation over and push button ready to have it It should be the same same form as I have press ready and waiting
  • 04:01: initialization good program Welcome to the program she immediately after turning on you prompt you to do scanning since my computer net I do not do it but you will certainly wait for rapid scanning so you can be sure that your I clean computer cancel scanning while but practically completed so if you They will be found
  • 04:30: the threat automatically remove Antivirus all found virus to go further in We correctly and It worked fine this antivirus is necessary will it up it is very easy click here this button up choose here Now click the server is free standard protection selected press Enter here name you could even roughly
  • 05:00: words here and so and e-mail necessarily English letters Here, for example in the form. ios then there's this the end can use Basically all that will be written so you You can write it anything push button register and further push forward I prefer leave the base protect and watch that We have already gone
  • 05:30: button register and I have a new button do ritual if you do not have a license to avast antivirus here this button to make apgreyt in any case, you press it is not necessary, and if we Now check then account We will activate designed for 365 days Well well well, now I I tell you a little bit of cool features this antivirus
  • 06:01: that there is such it what is missing some other antivirus the first thing most important thing is opportunity scan for viruses before loading operating system to do it go to section scan scan for viruses and now here choose scanning at OS is very a useful feature which allows to kill all existing viruses
  • 06:31: on your computer before its inclusion This is why it is very useful because it is not yet joined windows antivirus and accurate they can neither how affect the your computer is there are roughly yet windows does not fully not loaded they included idle and avast antivirus it allows us to check your computer to boot up inclusion operating system so we are more
  • 07:00: likely can be sure that the scan to download OS we we obtain maximum number of found and deleted as a result of the appearance of viruses the end is closer to the the end of the show as the do it scan this it is important to remember and very very good good opportunity According to antivirus help quickly Let us examine the other capabilities scan express scan this It runs faster scanning and RAM
  • 07:30: the most important system files on presence in them of what or any threats full scan it scans for all CDs that have your computer is here kc d drive and respectively completely all file system removable scan allows carriers scan to USB drive the presence of these threats very often it is necessary to do because on flash drive in often and people from one computer to another suffer some infection so be
  • 08:01: careful when insert the USB flash drive is not open it and at first scan respectively if it will be clear that you can it use and no longer infect your PC's but also Select a folder to ie scanning this you can choose themselves with any sort of folder to scan it on viruses that there is possible make even like this choose the right folder button and press scan cake browser 11 of the roughly let selected the
  • 08:30: press the right folder click on it and held scanning I know that this is the folder from I fully so safely worse roughly wait till the scanning completely pay note that in the folder threats detected so you can scan any folder that you it seems Well suspicious as we go further there yet very interesting tools that allow such clear your browser
  • 09:00: from any infection that it settled very often When you are downloading some programs from Internet then you You get them set of different various toolbars extensions plugins for your browser and because this browser It begins to slow site, and stop fine opened and there is a lot problems so you need make clean browser and so a useful feature ordanom antivirus this is to clear your browser if you have a browser google chrome and firefox and mozilla
  • 09:32: Yandex Opera and so have any further problems that accordingly you you can clear some bad plugins on these browser here supported Internet Explorer mozilla firefox and google chrome Well, with him google chrome supports all browsers based on if you have what is here such here content that can be bad here
  • 10:00: then you can have them right here's to remove push button remove and delete directly to the expansion which It can be dangerous Now I have hazardous so I do not have I close this function on the tools we have such as an emergency function ROM is very helpful feature that It allows us to create or usb flash drive, or cd to To be able to emergency download
  • 10:31: our computer and peel it off virus that is to create yusbi press knocking to create CD press CD here all very easily just need three first follow instructions that It gives us a little insert yusb storage device he accordingly offers its format and burn the image It has been obtained from Antivirus for download and from this
  • 11:01: way before inclusion computer Well here such here useful features are available in the free version except for free version there are still paid features then it's a sandbox seyvzona Mauser and bran that is, are special additions that there is only paid version if you are happy owner licensed version avast for you use here
  • 11:30: these functions then there is able to buy license for some some money nothing supernatural then we can see an record turn it off if you connect over 365 days the you can disconnect from this account record that we created in the beginning and connect new again use another Free 365 days Antivirus avast well
  • 12:02: But in principle, even that we have here interesting and yearning scanning problems with the productivity but it also paid function is therefore not we are not particularly to stop and there are still scanning the presence of legacy of a special which program determines what program you old need them update what is it for because as the old
  • 12:30: the program may have a hole in the security due This may to you by infiltrate computer respectively virus if you and periodic update your software ensure you get maximum protection it is in the program ensuring the virus Here for example I at the moment there a newer version java virtual machine and I can update it here now directly in the avast happening
  • 13:01: connection and download and updating java virtual machine But in principle, as it were, there will need to be wait for the download ie when the boot desired program and install it immediately I want to draw your attention to the fact that if you program pirate then do not try and and why update because after upgrade pirate you program not just work be if you any license
  • 13:30: program is accordingly you Can they freely update and no problems have not there but let us We wait until the end of yet will installed java virtual machine I'll show you that almost one I did click update one program and not I experience any difficulties in this that is, all together I did well here avast
  • 14:02: It passed and updates accordingly we was reported is that our version java virtual machine true and accordingly we disappeared error of we had current version of a program accordingly more One program has become more protected from the virus is now well the last thing interesting about nothing said the very beginning scanning up to this download windows let
  • 14:30: Now it is made and so we go to the scanning scan for viruses choose here Now scan with OS does not boot click the Start button antivirus offers we do now you reboot You can make it now or then when you there will be more free time to show you I I do a reboot just reboot Now click button and in our the computer itself
  • 15:00: automatically reboots So we start run operating system windows we wait until we it is initialized and at this moment already connected Avast's antivirus
  • 15:31: Here it is dark window and there you see that he begins scanning c drive on the presence of a any threats and viruses then immediately I will say this here There is a line in which written report file so this file He will report contain everything that found that anti-virus and he removed according to you must wait until
  • 16:02: Now that's the end of the check what you More mortgages disk c and d the correspondingly check will be longer but all the same if you you see clear any violations normal operation the computer wait until this is scanning up to the end in this he scans find almost 99 percent of viruses that have on your computer and
  • 16:31: respectively which will remove big chance that your computer starts finally work ok well in basically wait until the end of the scan I will not if you suddenly you will have a desire cancel all the same Scan you can at any time press the escape button on keyboard here I'll click escape button we respectively aborted scanning Here he shows how much he scanned folders and
  • 17:00: how many files and He is currently I found nothing yet I recommend you to the end to bring scanning and respectively remove all viruses that you will simply follow the instructions avast Well Well here basically Roughly speaking so antivirus, and all I want remind all my subscribers that you you can offer
  • 17:30: her some questions so that I I made to these video on the has this video about I have made on the basis of large number of requests from my regular viewers therefore not Feel free to ask your if these questions questions will be Music More the number of people that we will We do it on video if you like Like video and put subscribe to because the canal my channel is very
  • 18:00: Many of these viruses and increase productivity install a computer operating systems Well, all this while, and until the next lesson