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▶ Pattern Karakul spokes \u000d\u000aPattern rapport - 4 rows, where: 1 and 3 rows - match back loops, the 2nd row: * from 1 loop to knit 3 (front + back + front) and 3 loops together back *, the 4th row: Together back and from 1 loop to provyazat *3 loops 3 (front + back + front).  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: today we want show how to tie just such a pattern which is called astrakhan report It consists of 4 loops plus 2 edge and 1 was repeated with repeated 4 series so I have I gained 18 loops and Knit 1 row Wrong etc. knit as an edge remove from the following
  • 00:31: 3 is knitted loops face wrong face wrong knit any convenient for you by further 3 along hinge provyazyvaem inside out and again by 1 to 3 face the wrong side of the face 3 again together loops
  • 01:01: provyazyvaem seamy loop and 1 is knitted 3 wrong side of the face face 3 along hinge wrong again because audio vyvyazyvayut 3 face the wrong side of the face 3
  • 01:37: loops together seamy edge is we have It was the second series of the first number we knit seamy side after a set of loops then knit drawing now third row
  • 02:00: again purl loop as I said seamy loop knit as you conveniently
  • 03:07: and the last four row knit so and remove an edge here we can see these three these three loops we loop knit together purl and from the following is visible here
  • 03:31: one loop's three loop here it's you one vyvyazyvayut 3 loop face the wrong side of the face 3 along hinge seamy one impose 3 wrong side of the face
  • 04:04: face 3 loops together purl and January 3 face and castle face 3 loops together seamy due to be added to the
  • 04:30: emitter face Wrong and facial and the lip Knit 4 row and here at We have already seen how it appears the box It will be located in is staggered
  • 05:04: call right now and it The sample was connected earlier All the best