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  • 00:18: when a person receives a gift basket that's supposed to just such colors persuade no no no I never eat these candy when come to him
  • 00:30: second time e.g. there is not the candy you there are already some candy wrappers because they roses absolutely not spoiled and lose their see get out candy in each roses have a sweetie here it look Now many people like teddy bears girls without crazy about her chic tede well and of course chocolate eggs that here, too, if you have not I want to bother to so big can be present for do see a small and
  • 01:00: inside too chocolate egg, I I think that such a God Ladybug any surprise Woman remarkable lovely ladybird ladybug but still delicious within pink remarkable it buds chocolate eggs This plush toy
  • 01:31: and here hid candy that is, it's all understands but so bear with us rides cycling and lucky girlfriend gift bouquet of pink roses I think any girl will delighted with such every gift roses and candy there is still little presents it is also a candy