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  • 00:00: good afternoon or evening Dear visitors channel today I I tell recipe cooking here such a sour milk at home from purchased Groceries and milk sour cream need milk pasteurized I'll take you to plan fat percentage milk, see the composition that is must It is made of
  • 00:31: natural milk a low-fat cheese Well, the second term shelf desirable that there was no longer five on the edge of the 7 days then there is a guarantee that it is normal and milk also us It needs 20 the percentage of fat sour cream Fire 1 liter of milk
  • 01:01: we bring the milk to add boiling a little fire and boil it in Within five to seven minutes whereupon to get on melted jelly that we needed for cooking ryazhenka add our heat to low there
  • 01:33: What does the phrase reduce heat to minimum This means that the fire you need to subtract your plate so that our milk does not boil and raged that mercy ie here these here they were seething Korbut inside hardly like milk
  • 02:01: from the bottom up, as it were floated overturned the him our milk with the cover closed pots for two hours while foam which will be form periodically need here and so destroy and sink in our jelly here on my plate adapted simmer for our milk on dvoechku of the nine possible
  • 02:30: let's divide by fine languishes for two hours we passed two o'clock our milk recessed ready turn off the stove feathers picking up in the sink cold water I omit to our parcel with milk melted stirring
  • 03:01: spoon cooling it thus 40 degrees Celsius specifically in celebration I do not why I picked up street thermometer sensor I omit our milk stir from cool tracking the temperature of which there now see
  • 03:30: how he got initial temperature Then he's not so immediately see gradually 39 about 39 to 34 coating no direct impact we should put 35-40 degrees and above 40 degrees was temperature
  • 04:06: temperature and standing here with half the 38 there is now cooled down part jelly molds any such capacity add half in this capacity 5 tablespoons spoonfuls of sour cream
  • 04:32: include mix up disappearance lumps after how our lumps add disappeared our divorced snack burden melted milk mix cover with a lid and put the saucepan on the 7 10 hours usually night oven at
  • 05:02: temperature 30-35 degrees Celsius which will provide included lamp this here is light oven we need to provide and the temperature of the entire night passed eight hours our snowflake it seemed ready chiffchaff
  • 05:41: You can ground as possible and lovers mix
  • 06:04: if you like it huskies recipe we subscribe to channel all pleasant appetite to new meetings recipes forehead