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  • 00:00: hello today I want to show how knit shortened rows that can useful to say for recesses so I dialed sample pin highlights to which place us you need to knit tuck and provyazyvaem loop I foresee 10 stitches
  • 00:31: hairdryer woods there is Further thread we do working for the left spoke at work remove the right needle loop worker thread we move on left needle and the loop with
  • 01:04: rights and puts on left knitting turn we have a working thread I found the loop and knit in reverse
  • 01:31: dovyazyvaem until the end and knitting turn and knit again before a place where we have long should begin shortened series
  • 02:08: Now that this loop We repelled we remove it from the left the spokes on the right and remove this thread which twine loop we move them to left needle and provyazyvaem front either the front or at the
  • 02:34: figure I thought it would Right side knitting then knit on drawing and because Tuck we tuck we have two sides of the then we continue to knitting up the opposite sides
  • 03:23: dovyazali and go
  • 03:31: second dart Again provyazyvaem 10 loops thread behind our work behind the left spokes remove from the left spokes the right loop of thread we move and loops
  • 04:04: dress to the left knitting turn turn and crochet knit until the end
  • 04:36: tied for the end knitting unfold and knit to the point where we started you. Now this loop
  • 05:01: and that's the thread that then we beat remove the loop this thread is put on left needle and provyazyvaem and we continue to knit I continue this method all like that shortened rows when their provyazyvayu that the holes are not Now it turns out I
  • 05:30: I show more clearly on contrasting labels well, you're bound sample Now see this wedge short dress provyazyvaem 10 stitches
  • 06:20: we trace the thread Earn money for the Left the spokes of the loop on the left mam spokes
  • 06:31: we move on left needle loop the right to retake on the left turn and here we have the blue thread loop kills
  • 07:01: further provyazyvaem god end
  • 07:30: knitting turn we reach the place where we rented a loop here it is a loop and now
  • 08:02: let him who introduced remove the loop and remove the thread on left needle and provyazyvaem them together