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  • 00:00: Hello everyone we finally talk about the guy paired positioning posing all heavy fate lies on a girl only from us with you depends how the man will be feel in frame which you have in eventually will photos therefore it is necessary to start from the moment when you explain to your man for what you need joint photos are very often not girls complain that I can not I do not want to persuade him I can bring it to I explained the shooting to him that this is very important
  • 00:30: joint the photo understand one is not there are men who believe that photos are important only here are the shoes probably therefore when you come to me on the picture with the man you are explained that this very important to the right family cadres to us even if not necessary multiple pictures joint give them to mothers there and grandparents men come sit down and say so Well, how many is five minutes now we make a general frame then I leave and you
  • 01:00: continue themselves but you want to not this I will tell two ways most men can be persuaded come to the picture The first way is he loves this is your man if you tell him honestly dear i want joint photos for me so you're nice process and it will be me such a gift please do me nice and if all this will be on the positive side and next I'll tell you how not to tire man on shooting then everyone asks OK The second way is you can perfectly
  • 01:31: combine together with the first is affects the what do you have with me beautiful I so want that here we all looked what is ugly so that joint photos you are not so cool i'm at you combine the two ways men already with pleasure goes and he already understands that he voluntarily agreed to processes he understands you will be happy in process and he it's not for the sake of joint photo to you make a nice injury thing and so you still hastened the men in our country you came to photographer and here
  • 02:01: consider the small moment photographer girl or men from it does not matter at all man in any case it will be difficult to frame and because he man from what he should frighten be here and yet and before someone if before the man only to this in front of the peasant crooked if the girl how is he facing girls cranks so the girls all further on Your shoulders are like you behave in the frame and on this survey and will affect your final result introduce this
  • 02:31: on the banner for purity of experiment I did not tell him no plan shooting nothing so he is today will also be feel like your men a day bangs clothes it important enough I I advise you to go to the site of interest recruit different collocation now you will see them on the screen and on these phrase looking for you then kill times are different clothing options
  • 03:01: which are possible for shooting you about will understand that will be suitable there is no pintereste on the same you can use yourself about pick up a photo pose which then will use at all shooting is also quite convenient here I want to note what and the photographer should think about postures and for yourself to save them it's time for this too do when pose will end with a couple photo we will continue something prompt and vice versa for men's clothes all quite simply if you do not know then that he should be dressed or
  • 03:32: you are enough motley dress for which neither one of his costume then just classic blue jeans and a white jersey this is a win-win option which suitable for most things if you have more classic clothes female that white cola and so most posing what is most important to me surprises on shooting that people to me come send merge the couple who year two three five years Together they lead yourself in the frame as strangers people because shoes do not be shy respectively, the duo the same reaction it is very important to remember
  • 04:02: to shoot is your Man do you do with it want it like you will behave in frame depends on it will behave we start with everyday image we leave the evening clothes on a loaf because at first when ignite do it casual clothes easier to then for black clothes were not such primitive lean thread so we'll start consisting of standing poses especially guys should be actions in some
  • 04:32: if they are at all inaction, they will look too cardboard too staged at in fact, very few people like their exclusively staged Photo you need to do do some action in the frame and again it's all on conscience and girls so I want you say that to me valera without ceasing I neigh I can not wait to do on video but how to keep today us practical lesson so I will speak directly with us there is a body that will move completely chaotic if you do not sell this topic no
  • 05:02: action therefore all what do you see now you should be treated like plasticine figuratively saying he will not know where to put it He will not know the hand where to see so all you do you should done with an eye on these moments I want to say that
  • 05:42: this process sufficient lungs because men start before eight yats it saves position all photos will be very positive and as if we were just happy in the process shooting when you ran out postures that were standing that is you understood that you exhausted themselves in specific present the field you take some items which will help you you've already seen me used a scarf
  • 06:12: he at me also supplements my image that we somehow but to rally together also its beautiful can be used for all pose which can only be that is, we are using sorry i do very much lots of funny things who somehow evict the process shooting so to speak and varied The following items have us they specifically there will be apples very important in the beginning
  • 06:57: shooting is more exact than type maybe just that the man was taking the girl on your hands because very many problems with a back what that other circumstances it is important to drag first eat to diversify again same their pictures again a partner could host turn different parties now we
  • 07:27: take pictures from backrests I once again repeat you love this person this is your man show it photographers to a a decade in remains for the whole a life sitting postures Chamber
  • 08:03: use on my the taste is slightly lighter because here already do not work all over and the body itself Only the top is slightly lighter but again, in order in seated positions have any they are simply a process pose as fools in the camera you need something that you there is supposedly a case here at me it will be allegedly tea drinking this there will be a variety of ours overs principle here the same you just all time you make some movement with their 7 that's all there is like everything
  • 08:34: previous videos by posing for women it's all the same Only we were posed we ourselves made different actions hands-feet with air and now we do it neighbor half and so you selected several poses you will commit all than the position and again as for all previous videos we choose our the benefit of that is allowable we sat down next manner and already in this already static posture start moving as you have already understood your
  • 09:08: men can to govern through our own if you want to he changed the traffic head is easier this make by yourself neatly than he began hamper what he needs it will be done much easier and a brush moments are more fun because when you can you do laugh when we have completed pose previous posture we go to the next posture and already in This posture continues our posing and most importantly will not
  • 10:10: commit some things photographer sometimes will tezhelovato you ask to lie on take the floor and you do not lie get dirty photo studio or somewhere there you can do it all science to erase but those frames that you have then you will remain remember really on all your life and will have fun remember the shooting was fun funny and when you have a pose ended finally you you can use make friends with improvised means and precisely some plaidy that is, you can
  • 10:40: you can hide with him to play and this will be even more varied photos and the evening image very important girls eat to remember that if you take on taking pictures with you man then you do not should feel for lipstick for the fact that he had you are suddenly there there will erase somewhere a make up the most important thing here emotions are like this It will look at frame to your
  • 11:10: the man was comfortable if you do not want to create him comfort and for you it is it is fundamentally that he for the sake of shooting can not once pose they do not rent it believe on love we here on 1 is not you must create comfort for him shooting should not last over an hour if it lasts longer watch man already we will protect him with caviar for him will stop be a game to him already will become boring between images are desirable to feed him finger to him relaxed a bit
  • 11:41: so that he perceived as a game and then he is in further will want to go with you for the following surveys and so the man is already played out for the second image and for him already it will be easier he used to the photographer for he has the whole process does not seem so so in the evening image of you already get more are not static and pictures of darum sin . it is very important to remember that a man can not greatly torment therefore my advice is if
  • 12:11: man is a reality strong enough does not resist change his clothes whole something simple in it change add to jeans that were in the first image some changed up and it will be enough at the very the main thing photographing emotions and what does it look like the girl really is sufficient for shooting everything else will already be in your happy was around a kiss and There's nothing here but we we continue all the same the most and in fact I believe that than
  • 12:41: evening image of themes it's funnier if photos will be quite funny the more interesting looks at last I want say one thing
  • 13:11: remember why come on farm photographing you come what to do photos with your loved one show how you love each other and capture these emotions do so it's love to shoot each other