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Video subtitles:
  • 00:40: hello girl Hello how you name anya how interesting anya want frozen chocolate candy Chupa Chups, or want then go after me in
  • 01:02: I have many many homes different sweets parents are not me allowed to leave the court and not have to be afraid I fear me I love kids youtube bang on a scale well you that
  • 01:30: You do let go of the child immediately release child, or I'll call police hello Anya hello grandmother anya Do not you know that It can not be on the street Talk with
  • 02:00: unfamiliar to you people layer is not a mom and dad not allowed Talk with strangers and become familiar with the talk and I gathered somewhere go with a stranger uncle, but his uncle, he he he is so kind offered many many ice cream and sweets chocolate anya I can not remember
  • 02:30: speak river somewhere with a strange people I remember you can not eat and drink what It offers you at street strangers even if it is candy ice cream or Shatrova remember be very careful and careful with strangers in the courtyard outside well Grandmother am and you buy
  • 03:00: my ice cream certainly go buy for thieves no scare danger strangers on the street what can be the danger of hell and fundamentally teach children
  • 03:47: no people danger strangers on the street Recently Makar potassium
  • 04:04: the public