Lyudmila Kravchuk

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  • 00:15: very intently watching the Buffalo moving right over there
  • 00:30: could be very interesting that is a huge Buffalo it's a huge Buffalo they're
  • 01:04: crouching
  • 01:38: sabore gonna do
  • 02:09: she caught him oh she did Buffett are
  • 02:44: coming to help this one now watch thank you come on help this baby watch thank you wait can I help him now fact no oh they can he's still allow do you think
  • 03:57: they're going to lose it
  • 04:13: Isaac lines lines the one get a look over
  • 04:30: taste that I believe that too late I think you're right thank you guys you
  • 05:02: cannot believe what's going on there's a big barrier between lines poor girls in Buffalo oh you swatted at him a kick that I'm just kicking at him look he's kicking at him funny amoeba forces basically lives to
  • 05:30: own Samaria not easily do so by Kawasaki you once met who they got him surrounded
  • 06:00: get the lion around the Cavs still alive yeah it's trying to get away gee they
  • 06:59: chased them away
  • 07:27: yeah