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  • 00:16: Hello dear gardeners though now on the street and even in February are crackling frost in the greenhouse and the on a window sill in gardeners already in full it is green seedlings Spring has started February is the beginning many vegetable planting and flower crops
  • 00:31: What sows in February February first all those cultures which has a smaller such as seeds Petunia seeds all all plants that have a smaller seed they have for you for slow growth so developing it slowly so you need to battered sow February Well if you want to certainly get later blooming plants can be in March sow but Generally all want that in May flower bed It looks nice so frequency
  • 01:00: We begin to rub February but for sowing can be use normal such as the container's we have but I've already and I told and those showing facilities that can be use it peat cups peat tablets coconut tablets but the easiest option for a great the amount of seed that's so here is a mini parnichok ground that used for planting and flower and vegetable crops at sowing small-seeded cultures in which it is necessary to pay attention ground knife be good
  • 01:30: sealed not with a bang lennye and sprinkled it is not sealed just here somewhere in the middle of a particularly on the edges because small seeds can wake up get into some soil void space and go slowly maybe even do not climb petunia seeds sown surface has been We have seeds seeded den they just see laid out on surface without embedding into the ground soil must naturally It should be well wetted
  • 02:00: to here these here shivering or granules which are now produced seeds petunia they soaked before seeds I have come here here in this mini test tubes have petunia seeds at it in itself is small seeds but little pills larger and therefore they can even take convenient to take and fingers or hands lay on but the surface it is clear that here are seeds they will cost more if you You want to evict many
  • 02:30: seed you here this This test tubes with Ten 27 is not enough and you usually buy Senin loose to ask such seeds can be uniformly easy to use adaptation over here such soil poured more small coat layer snow here now it can be quite exit to the balcony dial from the windowsill pour a layer of snow and then later in the snow sprinkle it Usually they are loose
  • 03:01: clearly visible dark the snow so they It can easily be evenly sprinkle because they have to somewhere in the place where the empty and seeds well distributed over Here the surface of the box with the race well, it is clear that after such sowing seeds We need some time to be in constant humidity and at constant temperature so mini parnichok or here such cups place in a bag or simply cover transparent package so as not to dry out surface soil and seeds evenly and
  • 03:31: his term went well in addition to this petunia while the sun is not yet which ranks and culture Although they have the seeds It is large enough pepper and eggplant but they have for slow growth sprouts and peppers eggplant is difficult survives when landing in open ground so by the time landing in an open the soil in the beds it must have a certain size that is, a little Sprouts bad catch on quickly for we do it pepper seedlings should
  • 04:01: have at least July 6 leaves and have a thickness of not less than 8 July millimeters in winning foundation so here is a seedlings can be possible grow only plant it for her benefits early at least three months before landing in the open ground so February We are already beginning to network seedlings seeds pepper seedlings and pepper eggplant which make preference in the choice of varieties of this everyone decides for himself someone like conventional teardrop
  • 04:30: eggplant someone prefers long eggplant well For example here are as a sort of Arab or someone like white eggplants here as white but the body or There are varieties of white swan is each has its own the same preferences It is true about pepper pepper Culture fairly common in our area planted and more and that is Many vacationers on his dacha though small pryadochku but have pepper and despite the fact that has pepper large enough seed's picture
  • 05:02: here shows that he himself large fruit but that less seeds pepper before sowing It recommends dunk or simply in water or in a growth stimulator Because shoot pepper seeds very long but among other vegetable crops such as cabbage It rises in the third or fourth day tomatoes on fifth or sixth day at favorable conditions to rely on 12 and 14 therefore
  • 05:30: In order to speed up germination can Soak the seeds of peppers for a few days just in the water or on the few hours simulators growth here about growth promoters I wanted to separate to say no Strive not keep a long time in stimulants growth and only according to and instructions and increase autocratically the concentration of this drug because growth stimulant at excessive as it were, long they are content in them completely like opposing action has the
  • 06:00: there is a place stimulants they becoming inhibitors ie they slow down germination rate, and vice versa reduces the similarity so watch out for concentration at use here these stimulants growth for sowing eggplant and peppers the best thing to use such disposable peat cups course possible conventional plastic cups to take for but these goals transplant and sports cups be It can be much more convenient even bury together with peat cup is not taking out
  • 06:30: but if you use to landing here are Torfinn and No Athens and plastic cups plastic capacity the soil front facade front landing in an open the ground do not need no tamped down for to easily Now you can compress a cup and remove the seedlings together with a lump of land in this case you are not less just injure root landing and Perry and transplantation plant survives in place sufficient well but there is still features
  • 07:00: February sowing which is that February despite the fact that it is but the approach of spring still winter, and though the sun It is still the same rather light bright enough duration the day is not too sufficient for vegetable plants for flower so if you keep on seedlings, even at the bright windowsill on the south party his house or apartment all the same duration light is not enough, and the seedlings need to be dosvechivat least
  • 07:30: for two hours in the day there for an hour in the morning add light and hour in the evening only then the seedlings grow strong especially it concerns eggplant here many somehow satisfied crop that gets in eggplant and says, well, what the You have 1 large eggplant ol was put little So the problem was is that probably in while growing you did not give seedlings the eggplant continue with daylight which that he needs short-day
  • 08:00: That's just under 7 August hour day eggplant It grows mainly in aboveground part of the there forms a strong powerful powerful leaves stalks but the tab fruit formations flowers future, he lay less so in the future but this crop plants can get small But for this it is necessary to sure to follow the same applies to pepper peppers course not very much reacts as if class but would still duration daylight should
  • 08:30: be not less than 12 October hours for those Well dressing plant these plants and flower and vegetable plants should course held about patcon go to our will separate transmission of both how What fertilizers and in what doses we feed has their seedlings produced we'll tell you in next time here today I want you remind each Thursday's trading the house itself grow conducted advice for all
  • 09:00: wishing truckers and gardeners growers growers who carried out by experts Volgograd agricultural academy therefore invite you in the trading house grow san buy goods and get consultation 1 today, it's all up goodbye meet as usual with you a week later