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  • 00:07: and now we are with you get acquainted little wall materials that we need to embroidery and ribbons themselves ribbons there are ribbons like these sizes three miles 3 mm and tape width 3 millimeter is such narrow ribbon eg orange
  • 00:31: Yellow Green is ribbons 3 millimeters narrow next belt width 6 ie millimeters exactly twice as wide Here is a 6 millimeter is such a 6 millimeter learn
  • 01:01: we them width exactly twice as wide that is 12 millimeters for example I have so fair-haired ribbon Now she's 12 this brown 12 millimeters and following exactly two 24 times wider millimeter is such that is, this is the tape
  • 01:33: standard width 3 6-12 20 so now that we need more Embroidery is needles needle here here such here needle need them more called bun ie chenille needle It has a sharp tip and Here is such a pretty such a wide eye
  • 02:03: Ribbon to go well here I passed I put bun that is, These needles are different sizes and such lengths is such such like these here These brand-new large also known as Kutub Al bows why such echoing convenient embroider clear that
  • 02:31: general well-spoon inserted ribbon and when sewing through the fabric at the passing it big plump good eye Spreads to the Ribbon fairly easy part to mithril but of course we will need normal needle so the verge because the thread too we used with embroidery ribbons often need here is a pair of scissors such special scissors can be
  • 03:01: ordinary scissors sharp little thing to cut the tape to transfer pictures on cloth paint can buy here such fabric marker So he disappears very convenient that is applied to the PWM drawing and 48 hours He disappears from the cloth there are markers for tissue that
  • 03:30: disappear when they close to the water have you draw pattern embroidered on it and the surplus just sbryzgivat water and drawing disappears so even for us embroidery need strings Now there's Eris such strings different shades simply showing thread iris raspberry separated
  • 04:00: a variety of raspberries and thread I have not show universes I know sometimes can be used floor woolen yarn some for decoration Seed beads but everything else lace and they too would useful on a purely Embroidery tapes until you are sufficiently on Now that that is choose the right needle and navigate the width strips immediately about ribbons want say thus ribbons are are soft hard
  • 04:31: if the ribbon is very tough it can wash that is it processed some compound type Starch is easily very satisfied with this content in soapy water well, generally about Protas while dragging ribbons through the fabric she becomes much softer here it's spraying when it is removed but if the tape is very body but I I recommend it to you just wash wear ordinary so I want to say
  • 05:01: you about the basis on that can be embroider ie can embroider almost any fabric well start better on the linen there's me here Gray is sold white linen cloth through it very well past needle with ribbon beautiful embroidery it turns on gabardine I will show such piece of cloth and generally means the fabric
  • 05:33: possible for embroidery I just take any I recommend only when you buy at the store bring a check the tape and just try here So you and pierce fabric you immediately feel if the race is going well not stuck not creaks nothing and hampered by the fact this fabric suitable for embroidery Now there is still
  • 06:00: inexpensive, too good fabric creep close grip satin where both she called the There is one side another brilliant matt in it is good too embroider that is, here I am and the wolf who video on how good passes ie embroider preferably not on a shiny side otherwise brilliant embroidery shiny background It will be too distraction but Drum side very beautiful embroidery looks and shops very big
  • 06:30: diversity shades of fabric not desirable buy fabric cut to stretch the tissues very heavily embroidered they how in rubber They needle just there and often gets stuck do grievous there is Now you, too, are fixed where the number of meeting much longer than usual trip atlas that is, take not from a fabric not build as gabardine there it Kabardia but there is simply
  • 07:00: Kabarda select just gabardine because persistent tissue it is very difficult to embroider Tightening and tape is not He goes and gets stuck That is about the fabric I I told you and better to start from the bottom can lighten