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  • 01:43: Now we are We are in the greenhouse where placed peppers Peppers is certainly large component in greenhouses ahrofirma Zedekiah year we grow not less than a hundred different varieties and hybrids of peppers on
  • 02:01: I think it's pepper easy culture cultivating it It grows well in conditions suburbs and non-black soil zone strip peppers still much more resistant to various diseases than tomatoes than they ill late blight It is very important so they are easy can be grown ordinary greenhouses not fearing that
  • 02:30: diseases and pests will be able to prevent your pepper plants usually succeed in every year a year is not query was cold heat peppers harvest ever will look some peppers put in front me we plant ahrofirma Zedekiah pepper totally different all kinds of colors of all forms here we can see like standard Peppers are usually
  • 03:00: grown in ordinary greenhouses that most popular since Soviet times Government's view this one up to 8 standard pepper belozorka exactly also have a variety of pepper Only there is not good friendly great size suitable for preservation for for stuffing fresh consumption form and it is usually up to this ivory bones he gradually
  • 03:30: It goes into the red Colors are usually in such This phase pepper breaks and eaten It has either a white or a red one which tastes preferences Please here such pepper has orange he too well It fits small content beta-carotene it early maturing and good manage in a regular secondary
  • 04:00: band is a corvette orange salton well it grows very Earlier always possible zone is not a black and blue you are welcome standard pepper two gift grade Moldova is the same about rich first peppers a few more large size it again as well suitable for all types of preserving it yield and yield good returns
  • 04:31: in terms of low greenhouses but please peppers in a series of star east they are all different colors In most cases grown stars east let cool 2 White runoff the initial yellow Peppers phase is here So-and-white color here then they 50 gradually rusts become so and results in the final phase they are already
  • 05:00: Here are this dense yellow the same color East White Star in red, she first of the white then fruit become like orange and then eventually they are the red This pepper has a very It grows well in the area the middle band is well it is quite possible to and still previously always obveshen high yields on peppers even size 150 200
  • 05:32: 250 grams and it is very most interesting great transition colors ie peppers you can pluck in any color scale here please let's say that's it east star purple in it this purple color it big It is still part days in office this purple the final color of his red from such dark violet turns into dark red and have
  • 06:01: saturated color It turned out to be other peppers that differ especially his sizes here here This sort of say fat 7 here he is big huge powerful pepper very thick that is, the walls these peppers should be well not perederzhivat pluck them because they certainly are strong pulled notch and could easily break even the plant itself on a single plant
  • 06:31: can disrupt Oct. 15 these peppers in a season Now please grade Colson is also a with big powerful very thick these walls end but very good unable to ordinary greenhouses but also very large so you should not pepper cut does not give especially the dash bury it have you not break branches here
  • 07:02: you are welcome Pepper's my general such a huge powerful strong pepper which well, of course it is able to break itself plant which and it is very thick wall Solid red very tasty and very high-yield Please pepper cultivar
  • 07:30: their pathos hybrid who also perfectly manages to ordinary Film greenhouses on You can also bodies grow outdoors too good weight somewhere up 200 grams of very very thick walls yielding stable grade all peppers to grow in Moscow region It is interesting and simple exercise peppers are rich all sorts of vitamins and of course
  • 08:00: coordinate their garden it is imperative to have especially when you grow on its site you are always know that he It puts the soil as you treated your plants are usually well how could you not We are using chemistry or mineral fertilizers anyway It is very small the number on the background that what you are buying the store and how would you We have not used any medication does not matter Your vegetables will much cleaner much Eco-friendly rather than threads
  • 08:30: vegetables than those who you buy store so peppers certainly grow and this It is always good a good harvest and good return on your site