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  • 00:00: I am now using case and I want more share with you the idea that I myself country artists found Well, much to his shame I'm not a girl He has grasped the idea but and I miss the author
  • 00:31: I will be a very grateful if you Notes tell 1 I remember the author Thanks a lot for the idea here is to me very liked very often difficult increase oldies very particularly those who weaves tightly In order to increase and even more line to weave bend ochkom Here is such a large beautiful Bending Art's
  • 01:05: here I have this little idea I took look only just I added a tube us about the last series only just here I do not I liked that they have I see here these These bugs We were on top and then I thought that their You can not add the outside and inside of here see here a whore let's the penultimate row we take and add 2
  • 01:36: well, rather the tube 1 bend and add we get additional 2 more points on the table first course Raton We still disagree and But when we first I at times when the frets I show you what I'm and so I have added a if we add them out and even more so if they will still be the same colors as well as our the working rolls
  • 02:06: they almost imperceptible is the idea very c thank you very much author somehow immediately she told me she did I'm interested in here tried, and if I want to can someone missed I want here to pay on this idea your attention is still just Bending is our in subject and so increasing propletaem
  • 02:36: one row immediately added two tubes do not have to push through the spokes and then under Bending Hamid and slides tip visible lines we camouflaged color and here that he would be within us imperceptibly but then It will cover more here our third stage turning-that is,
  • 03:06: I do not see what happens somewhere Nastya bug netting next series starts at align our small stands in such a way to Green first we was the one who It was from this side the left and yellowish and 2 went further then we pattern that they will do not mix
  • 03:36: color between them, we leveled about weave one or two rows in order to fix another thing, these Now we have our added oldies note if we are Five were here visible even if look cartilage not visible to the more other colors here my their attacks petelechki hidden inside and and we will still be here next stage turning-they hide themselves
  • 04:06: entirely outside the miracles I can not see anything propletaem another number and start executed whale As for options turning-after the first stage can be and try to I have been a chain such small I our chain fragments of our chains were more round not much we extended we can try you wind up rolls
  • 04:36: not here as we did the first time but for the First is literally We do the same keeping consistency and we will see that our the chain will not be this extended the It has as one of options and if you have already we are talking about embodiments, and the talk about options colors when I see has added yellow tubes and date then at weaving
  • 05:06: next row It has formed a series of such way to green had left a2 yellow on the right can be It had to weave the next row after add these tube sites vary with green put the middle of a well yellow and yellow and to frame and then we already pattern eg I would have acquired another kind it is in color Plan so cool learn again about
  • 05:37: options establishment of a Then two tubes the first embodiment can be just try 2 and then in front of two then start another more elongated chain will be here either because here Now I'm doing for one then in front of one inside here Flower-husband We talked ie possible options here these two plans and color options
  • 06:08: places for tubes how much we will 100 points start our Working tubes here it look it turns over so here is how compact chain I am also very like its tasks than our Bending in interesting yet basic such moments decorative volume possible elongated make
  • 06:38: You can do more compact so it form depends firstly the distance between small stands and secondly from behind as chair you will start rack that which our we perform Bending color options, and obligatory point of I wanted to to emphasize this humidifying tubes
  • 07:08: in front of the flexible many thanks girls inspirer I wish you all good luck