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  • 00:06: 6 We do today with a hot iron fast and easy more expensive bread in this case bypass chips the thickness of approximately 1 September it will help the language of the white stuff usually all the same in this case, as Russian the plate thickness of about 3 millimeter
  • 00:31: this carbonates the plates about the same nomadic tribes can take the metro while for an individual to take a half-smoked sausage Miguel in the course tons at the same time thin slices plates tomatoes with a special knife who as you can bake in the oven necessary because he Skovorodino well in this series of Skovorodino great time assembling sandwiches
  • 01:04: such oil Khaled Kaim chips korban legs or his club all tomato fresh ground black pepper Ashot note 6
  • 01:44: 40 million lots of not so that what has been done sides will st bit distinguishes gas better minimum
  • 02:00: he eats about well I born 12 minutes Motor year which in fact it is very tasty and file them is not even ashamed guests who are waiting hot dishes are prepared that sewed best transition is why labor but it is still the need sachs meters if say
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