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Embroidery tapes for beginners. How to pass a tape in a needle. - YouTube  See details »




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  • 00:10: so now I will teach you how to take the ribbon in the corner then we take 6 millimeter ribbon and cut off like so obliquely this to Ribbon we are not We got out thread vdevaem
  • 00:30: This little corner in a needle like this We take out here on distance somewhere slightly more than half centimeter we inject a needle in ribbon take over race check edge and end of the band and that's how dress tape on needle very strongly can like that and pull
  • 01:00: not much afraid here spreading it is to have a ribbon We easily passed through the fabric and now the opposite direction, we We do knot board for us to be comfortable embroider we bend the ribbon in half a little less centimeters over We do bend over and in the middle of a this Bend we work hard needle sews
  • 01:32: through We do a loop like that on her finger dress disclaim finger and dress on a needle like this stretch out stretch is not much so as to form Here is such a These flat uzelochek which will then be
  • 02:01: Oh, there to stay on the left side of the hard with ribbon somewhere Now you can sew Now we have it It will not go away no bored blocks let us show you still take the paint damn wheelbarrow brighter cut off like this diagonally across the and this little corner little corner
  • 02:32: dress battens take out pierce's on a distance from Tern taking a needle check for edge and loaf the tip of the tape itself end of the band and that's how pull over so strongly pulled tape not afraid of no way do but here the butt that we
  • 03:00: here very convenient to all passed through the fabric of business knot board itself Fold the ribbon Now the middle of this bend injected needle and sews through we have formed here this loop we dress on then finger finger we shot together He put a tick and
  • 03:30: like that on a needle tightens and here's a sound much we do not pull do here this just flat uzelochek it turns out that's a that's all, and we tape ready for embroidery