Rimma Sergeeva

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Interesting type-setting edge spokes (Interesting inlaid edge spokes)  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:06: hello today as Milne liked Interesting and lungs is on the front side and that's how it looks on the reverse there loop at the beginning
  • 00:30: elongated and then normal size here It fits it to the spokes he is a very fit easily then we have to dial to start 3 loop who as you can 1 2 3 gaining We do one set of needle turn knitting and of the first loop
  • 01:01: vyvyazyvayut two facial for the first front wall we express facial loop on the left spokes reset then the same loop for rear wall vyvyazyvayut face even then loop dropped and the remaining provyazyvaem two loops facial more hinges 3 knitting is not 3 is pivoted loop
  • 01:31: shooting to the left spoke right We took off again and one remained at right spokes of one vyvyazyvayut two loops facial for the front wall the rear wall and May 2 facial loop again shooting to the left needle loops 3
  • 02:05: and again from one vyvyazyvayut two the front face wall of the loop is not left reset front of a rear wall and a loop lash out 2 and 3 again and facial remove the hinges on left needle and you
  • 02:34: are required for 1 2 Right loop so two more times I show to be seen It was drawing means 3 on the left needle loop remade for 1 vyvyazyvayut two the front face
  • 03:01: the rear wall and 2 facial and here we already shown figure below and so you dial necessary the number of loops that you need when knitting turn this one number provyazyvayte Wrong most first row after you will have a set of
  • 03:31: us if you have any you have your knitting a pattern which you need but in any case it is the wrong side all you libra Thank you for attention