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  • 00:07: is in our the bathroom is worth real piggy bank and we think that this Easy washing machine that hiding in the au economy promised tell the rage pen hello again I greet and direct once with washing Machines talk about washing machine and It does not show it was It would be wrong 90 views weave right machinery breaks through
  • 00:30: no fear Ruler otherwise mixing details main reason breakdown of bias to him and to stick demanded posters Maestro and to disappeared on a pile you slave over Kupava the road reklama va roses are not for itself adji effective the people we're a cat and all very fish narik more machines figures and vayutsya for groza for your health homeland project in me tell burns to the service on So what are the service Problems await us as hosts here such here
  • 01:00: first unit the problem is a filter the drainage pump 2 is mold and third but probably about sc constantly talking machine deteriorated since that scale advertising It scares us and we pay money each of the stages points we are now consider 1 friends a filter drain pump traditionally drain filter pump is here under a bottom he panel some machines opens very easy to simply push buttons We take out in this the machine had take advantage of flathead screwdriver
  • 01:30: so little podkovyrnut and remove this panel here Now see this point each and there is a filter drain a pump for which it necessary in order to filter all pollution that can be our things you need open the pump and clean it otherwise clog it not pass through water with itself and time our pump fails it is worth attention minimum 400 hryvnia I was faced with it so that as soon as guarantee period washing action Machines have ended I first of all broke down the
  • 02:01: Pump me your really I had to pay 400 hryvnia everything can be much more friends clogged water pump I went over the top and ask your neighbors You pay them their costly repairs but it's not the pump is only cap when directly inside is the filter I Now all of you show machine I worked with two half three years friends to no one I looked we take or cloth or even substitute a bowl some special because there is
  • 02:30: residual water and water this stagnant odor immediately you say It can be unpleasant we proceed so good unscrew it here and now friends Attention here and there, and the mold and the smell is not very I will I must say how often you need to clean the filter if erase
  • 03:00: woolens here Now cold steam this will often we should be do so after each wash cycle in any case, we periodically every 1 Month 2 months open all clean horoshenechko there closing the pump at all of us will order and it was the first enemy of our washing machine filter and can be even a trifle meet yes there one penny 2 penny but more often Total fines including us with can mold find one very interesting part of our washing machines as you think
  • 03:30: what is it about there is a part of Rubber machines it until it is called cuff it hides itself very much let's secrets try something find from on watch 25 kopecks you yes excellent but basically no one to specifically fines not to drive to have no problem another that we do not check their belongings often before how we place them in washing machine there can be a coin all sorts of ropes interesting that
  • 04:00: may get lost there could be clip to be pierce the cuff it hurts and the water will leak and flow into the general our system is not the same but we need to remember We talked to you about bones from up bra in one of programs you He told about the rules washing of it bras need wash laundry Only when the car by a special such plastic container convenient invention but to bones out of there fell all correctly so we use container back to the mold after each wash
  • 04:30: we are here and so open cuff take a cloth and horoshenechko wipe not so Prezent remained necessarily need after each wash leave open the door at that very important factor hide only one-third because traditional door washing machine attached here in such that's the power of exchange it mounts me strong enough anyone passing by offend active movement and as a result we can immediately spread 400 hryvnia to their repair worse
  • 05:00: that if we fall the door itself there somehow damaged cracks and glass at least 600 hryvnia That's why when leave on we airing open here and so a third door and in this position, and reserve here Basically all that As for care drum and cuffs gossip and we too but there is one more place where there is a fungus and mold you I think where rubbed we have 6 real machine so where do you think where there is at we poroshkopriemnik
  • 05:30: seemingly there constantly there cleaning funds but there and there is always a Moisture is moisture and so there is mold Now there is a fungus show how and it looks like this is note here especially with this hand what a beauty here we have with you is this necessarily need clean fungus multiplies at 250 million skirt why it breathe we're opening it constantly taking a basin put water there
  • 06:00: our poroshkopriemnik means to take fight germs in the toilet chlorine containing otherwise we can not cope with it advises one to one it's so horoshenechko it all pour 1 will soak we take a little old toothbrush and after horoshenechko As somewhere along It stands at 2-3 hours at least an hour and our poroshkopriemnik and begin to rub thus remove all deposits are absolutely do not need
  • 06:31: our washing machines for opening is poroshkopriemnik we also needs to be cleaned brush and in this way we can use similar cleanser means but clean very carefully because the water here arrives through various rubber pipes if we use very such a powerful cleaning facilities it is also his patrol take the brush take a little bit of money and We start to clean it horoshenechko than harmful mold, mold can
  • 07:00: cause pneumonia headache, dry cough can also be different skin rash how often to just such conduct anti-mold times in a month or two but Now the worst problem is the expensive problem because Naki leads to the fact that We break TNT this heat electric heater n usually taken from It costs 30 to 40 percent of the cost in general, all the washing She is more than a car respectively, the it is more expensive breakdown so with scale
  • 07:30: you need to understand that this principle nakida This deposition of salts calcium and magnesium with time when Naki gradually we It appears around the fence increases quantity power are spent laundry and here function that PETN performing traditional him to carry It is becoming more and more difficult difficult before moment until he almost out of order but we see it, this is a tent I will now! to do and I do not I recommend doing home but we look
  • 08:00: almost in the heart washing machine see how it before finally while showing you looks like Mr. I it already dismantled and here there are in fact he not because he is here literally Now yes, and there is even It can be seen the remains of scale and now look like This looks n the washing machine further This little tan He fails owner of this washing machine Pays 20 30 percent more for when electricity
  • 08:30: It uses this washing machine and the near future it We need to prepare money to replace here Here are the details of this increase power because the fact that in the sc distance increases well complicated due to the price Now those extra layers heat the water if it is more difficult for him to this need efforts respectively more power washing becomes more right ones manufacturers that advertise the means to to scale we need to remove to flee their and buy makeup any advertised
  • 09:00: and fashioned measures to protect washing machines includes 90 percent is tripolyphosphate kilogram tripolyphosphate and costs 4 hryvnia and we pay 80 hryvnia per agent is 90 percent consists of tripolyphosphate as well anything yourself why It gets so expensive understand packaging it is expensive box actually tripolyphosphate really It is struggling with scale which formed for shadow he can not a priori dissolve salt
  • 09:30: carbonates, it may soften the water and to as far as we understand you need to soften the water Friends, we must laboratory methods check rigidity our water if we add a little it means we do not It helps if we give him too much of it settles on our things we all carry through the skin gets to our body that is practically effectively use these tripolyphosphate and we can not be there softening the water is do you know how it is inexperienced Sapieha how is it that with scale fighting has
  • 10:00: good method time-tested which by the way actively use many old-timers customerservice dealing washing machines and we will be able to house independently make cleaning so on alu coffee like you think that this lemon acid citric acid is so it and we fell asleep in our poroshkopriemnik put in the washing mode a two and a half hour at this temperature expose degrees 80 90 and idle without
  • 10:31: all sorts of things put on top of our how many citric acid must take a you need to take 200 gram in my on Money is coming out 8 hryvnia at least ten the strength of the principle not very expensive get friends as a citric sufficiently acid We also aggressively We can do it only once a year but enough to To our PETN was in the beautiful condition and It looks like this that's way